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PN/feeling lump in throat


First, let me say thank you for your time and help.  I posted a couple of days ago about my diagnosis with a "mild" transverse myelitis.  Your reply was to consider peripheral neuropathy.  My question is can a PN give a feeling like a lump in the throat (no difficulty swallowing, breathing or talking)?  The sensation has kind of localized to feel more like when someone jabs you in the throat (like you learn in self defense classes).  Is this a sensation that one finds with MS?  Is back pain, as described in my previous post, common in MS or PN?  The MRI and other tests that I mentioned in my other post were done at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor and the neurologist that I have been seeing is an associate professor.  I thought that U of M had a good neurology department, should I be considering going somewhere else?  I greatly appreciate your time answering my second post.

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MS and some peripheral neuropathy syndromes have been associated with difficulty swallowing and talking, but I couldn't find any association with just a lump in the throat or jab like sensations.  If this is a signficant problem, you could consider a swallow study jsut to make sure everything is ok or even an ENT consult depending on your level of concern. Back pain can be seen in some peripheral neuropathies such as Guillain Barre syndrome as well as MS. Within GBS, it's common, but not so among the other peripheral neuropathies.  As for MS, it depends on numerous factors such aswhere the inflammation is, if the patient is bedridden, has spasticity in their legs, etc...

U Michigan does have a good neurology department.  ANd as they have had the opportunity to personally examine you and review your history and diagnostic studies, they will have certainly have a more accurate clinical opinion than me. But based on the brief report you provided then and now which included a normal MRI, like of spinal cord type symptoms, and relatively fast recovery, it doesn't sound like a typical case of transverse myelitis.  But again, I have not seen you personally. If you feel ok and healthy right now, then it may be ok to wait and see how things go.  But if you are not sure about the diagnosis and feel that you need further evaluation at this time, then consider a second opinion with a neuromuscular specialist.  Drs. Shields and Levin are excellent neuromusuclar specialists here at the clinic who would be happy to see you should you choose to seek another opinion. Good luck.
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Hi Colleen,

I read your other post too and I will tell you that I am experiencing the same symptoms as you, bladder/bowel problems, vertigo, facial spasms/burning due to Cranial nerve VII , double vision , numbness and tingling in feet and "vibrations thru out my body to name a few. I too have the lump in the throat and last year I went to the Acute Care clinic at Walter Reed and he said I was depressed and put me on Klonipin. I am not depressed so I only took it for a few days.

I have had an Mri{more than 1 actually} and have at least 3 lesions, which one neuro doctor said was from old age. I am only 41 and have had noticeable symptoms for at least 8 years, getting worse all the time. Most of my symptoms have gone away except for the DV and tingling in feet.  I do have vertigo quite often still.

I had gone to my PCP in MAy 2000 for the vertigo and "vibrations" or tremors in my legs but I had what was thought to be a Stroke in Nov 00 but MRI revealed that not to be the case. That's when MS came up but I still don't have a diagnosis. I haven't had a Spinal yet but after a wet tap from a surgical epidural and needing a blood patch I refuse to have one done as most people have them and positive or negative no diagnosis.

I hope that you can get your answers sooner. I don't want MS I just want to know what's wrong with me.

Good Luck,

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Thanks for your comments.  It's interesting to hear that you have been experiencing the "lump in throat" feeling witn no MS diagnosis.  I am actually not experiencing nearly as many sensations as you describe, mostly just tingling in legs and feet, back pain and lump in throat.  The feeling in my face is very mild and probably if I wasn't worrying, I'd barely notice it.  I see my neurologist on Thursday and I think that I'm going to push for some more tests, even if I don't get a definitive diagnisos, I'd feel better knowing what was ruled out.
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The doctor called the lump feeling Glombus or something like that. Apparently it's not a real "feeling" , he thinks it's all in my head. I was more concerned that the tumor on my leg had metastisized to my lungs or brachial tree. But he just "blew" me off.
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Sorry to hear about your leg.  Did your doctor perhaps say that you had "Globus Hystericus"?  I did a search for "lump in throat" before I posted my question and that came up.  I guess it's a stress reaction of some sort.  It will be interesting to hear what the neurologists have to say.  Good luck.  (It's hard to type with my 4 1/2 month old on my lap!)
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I had the sensation of the lump in the throat about 20 yrs ago.
This sensation came at about the same that I discovered a lump
in my breast. First I went to find out about the lump,all was okay,
I was told to cut out the caffein and take Vitamin E.
The gnawing thought of cancer was driving me nuts. Then came
the lump in the throat,I was told to see a phsycologist,he told me
to divorce my husband,well that sure didn't help, as for the lump
he said it would go away. I was given some breathing exercises
which after about a month did help. I was never given a real diagnosis
but after a few years finally read something that sounded familiar
in a Mayo Clinic Health Book.  Globus Hystericus is the condition and
seems to be caused by Acute Anxiety.
  I still get the sensation every now and then but now that I know
what causes it I am able to control it. I seem to be a very tense
person and have force myself to relax.

  I am not a doctor but I would definately suggest stopping any caffien
products including chocolate and Exedrin and Anacin etc anything with
caffiene in it. Learn some breathing and relaxation techniques.
Also,it certainly wouldn't hurt to have your Thyroid tested as I have
since also found out that mine is underactive.
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your symptoms sound more like an adverse reaction to some medication you may be taking?  Are you taking any meds for example hypertension and/or other disorder?
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No medications at all.  Just a multi-vitamin with my orange juice in the morning.  I have to admit that that in 2000 I developed severe headaches that were caused by low pressure in the CSF and after 6 months developed a large bleed.  I had to have an emergency craniotomy.  I've been fine since and I didn't include it in my other post, because it has been dismissed by my neurologist as being related to this problem.  The reason that I mention it is because since that incident I find it difficult to just dismiss funny symptoms/feelings.
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Hi, I would like to say that I have had a lump in the throat sensation for 4 months, and have been diagnosed with laryngopharyngeal reflux.I have been to a ent specialist and he found  the laranx mildy inflamed, and prescribed losec for 1 month.I took it and found that on eating a tomato based food, had bad reflux.Went to my g.p and he prescibed Nexium, which I took   for 6weeks.I  have had a break from medication since december. I have resumed taking losec, as the lump sensation has returned and I am wanting to find a solution to this. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Thank you . Star.
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I have a question about the people who are feeling a lump in their throat.  Are any of you smokers?  Do you ever have a headache with it?
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I'm not a smoker.  I get occasional headaches, but I don't associate them with the throat sensation.  My neuro thinks it's nothing, but now I have chest and upper back pain, so I'm going to my PCP next week.  Maybe it's gastro, maybe it's all in my head.  Whatever it is, it's REALLY annoying.
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