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I was just wondering if anyone knows what could cause pounding in head when you stand up ?
When i first stand up i get a pounding sensation in my head for just a few seconds. I have been getting it for many months. It only happens some of the time, when i stand up.
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I experience a pounding bruit noise in my head when I stand.  It occurs at other unusual times as well.  I have had it for years, but it seems to be getting worse.  I have had many tests, including brain MRI. It is getting very bothersome. Can you tell me what it is and how to cope/deal with it?
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i get the same thing, but mine is accompanied by a rapid heartbeat sometimes.. and i also get it when im lying down on my stomach with my head up.. if i lay my head down it eases up a bit..
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there is a condition called POTS.....where the blood settles in the lower extermities and can cause not only the head pounding sensation, but fainting as well. A tilt table test is used to dertermine if this is indeed an issue.

ur may have low blood pressure...have u had ur pressure checked? Did u mention this to ur dr?

u could also have a form of vertigo.....and inner ear problem.....no way of telling for sure....

since this is ongoing please seek advice form ur dr and let us know .

Good luck
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