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Pain and Brain Lesions

I am a 47 woman with appx. 19 brain lesions in the white matter of my brain.  Have had several MRI's was misdiagnosed and treated for MS for several years before a new neurologist stated it is not MS.  Spinal Taps are negative, Negative for Lymes.  Am currently taking, Neurontin, Celebrex, Cymbalta, a muscle relaxer, Trazadone.  Have intermintent periods of dizziness and loss of balance.  Had a problem with WPW.
My main problem is chronic pain, docs say it is fibromyalgia but they don't know why the brain lesions.  Can the brain lesions be related to pain.  Could they be the causing factor?
I live in a rural area in northern MN and am not really confident in the health care up here.  Any suggestions?
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Your new neurologist is correct.Do you live on farm or downwind from soybean,corn and canola planted field,than please reply.Also check with other farmers,should be lots of them with similar symptoms
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Nope, no farming only mining in my area.
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I've got fibro, trigeminal neuralgia, dizzyness, problems walking, chronic daily pain and crushing fatigue along with other things.

I also have several 'Unidentified Bright Objects' on my MRI - but neg spinal tap and neg lyme.

So, I'm in a similar boat. It's really hard dealing with the pain. The things I've done is changing my diet to lots of raw fruit and vegitables and avoiding grains as much as possible (though I do allow myself some). I stretch a lot, drink tons of water (avoid sugars) and I found therapy probably the best thing in helping control my mind frame in dealing with all of this.

Still...it's hard. That's why I find this so helpful - talking with others about it. I also am in a chronic pain group that meets once a month locally. Any courses or groups that you can join may help you out.

Hang in there. It's a tough road.
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Thanks I too believe positive support is important.  I think my biggest frustration is just not having a name for this.
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Hi, have u tried having ur thyroid and blood labs checked???
Low levelsof vitamin and minerals can cause twitching and dizziness....check the vit B12 and D...calcium, magnessium and potassium.

To be dx'd with fibro u need to have 11 of 18 tender points....if not u do not have fibro.

Good luck
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I was diagnosed with Fibro New Years Eve but find it hard to swallow! 18/18 so full house!
My friends and family keep telling me not to read too much into my health and accept the diagnoses given,but I have so many other symptoms that do not fit with the fibro, I know my body and how its detriorating so quickly with some very odd symptoms.The rheumatologist who diagnosed the fibro could only account for a few of the following sumptoms!
I suffer iron store anaemia 9
High copper levels
Vertigo/balance probs
Kidney Function only 65%
Pitting Edema (legs,feet,ankles,fingers,hands,wrists,face even my scalp)
Neuro probs
Cognative Probs paranoia,anxiety,depression,suicidle thoughts,persicution complex,
Twitching/Spasms muscles,stiff neck
Lumpy jawline/shins
Itching/burning sensation in feet if stood still, look mottled purple/orange
Itching all over body
Lesions on legs,back,head some of them feels as though there is glass in them
Pigment changes
Night blindness/ blurred vision,gritty dry feeling
Extreme Fatigue
Downy hair on face, dark hair  on arms and legs
Every few months I lose handfuls of hair, grows back dark coarse curly
Vaginal discharge (clear,no smell swabs taken nothing shown)
Dry skin/but looks shiny and leathery
Chronic pain (worse in the mornings if I have the energy to get out of bed)
Sore mouth and tongue, cracking at sides, very noticeable
Deep stabbing pains throughout my body on and off
Migranes which have lessened
1 yr ago had a fit/lost control of my body jerking shaking even when asleep but concious
I walk on tippy toe of r foot when put foot to floor pain is excrutiating (doc says tendonitis)
Itchy blisters recently appeared on legs below knee
Fevers from time to time
To list but a few, so many others that come and go, my gp is doing all she can to try to get me some help.......its so easy to pass me off with fibro/cfs!
Any ideas?
Thanks to all that read this post
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