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Pain behind right ear and hearing loss

Not sure if this is a side effects of the three concussion I`ve experienced this summer or something else.
For about two months I have been experiencing pain on my head about an inch behind my right ear. At first I`d wake up feeling like my husband had accidently punched me in the head during the night. And I noticed that my hearing was diminished in that ear. The ear wax is more watery and at times looks a little greenish with the yellow.

The pain is intermittent but when it comes it stays for days and is a bothering dull pain. If I press on the spot the pain doesn`t change but I do have a spot that is more sensitive when pressed (like a bruise would feel). I don`t have any fever, I do have sinus congestion (but there is a cold going around and i suffer from chronic sinusitis). My concussions were on top of my head and on the left side.

I have trouble concentrating but that most likely is a post concussion effet. Oh, and about a month ago around the same time this started I had another little epiisode of labyrinthis which cleared up in three weeks (dizzyness) but this affect my left ear.

So what could this be? It is hard for me to find time to go to the doctor and I`m hoping to have to deal with things one at a time. I`m waiting to see a specialist from digestion issues which are not related to this at least I don`t think so...
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When you described the discharge from your ear as being watery and at times looking a little greenish with yellow. That can be a sign that you could have a ruptured eardrum. The dizziness you also had could of been caused by the ear as well. The concussion could be what has caused all of these issues.

Of course I am not a doctor and this is only my 2 cents worth. When you go see a doctor they normally look in your ears and will be able to tell you it that is what it could be. I wish you well on all of your medical needs.
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Thanks, I`m calling for an appt today. This has been going on long enough.
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The hearing test was normal and she doesn`t think it's a tumor from the neurological test but could it be something else? I`ve been living with this for 2 months now. Some times it seems better but then the headache increases. I haven`t gotten it again where it feels like I got hit in the head. But it`s always there. What could this be?
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