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Pain in feet

Hi I'm new here need help desperately, i've been sick 7 mths excruciating foot pain saw foot specialist s had tests foot problem ruled out.Dr did back xrays all is fine.Rheumatoid Dr did bloodwork all fine.On to neurologist did back mri showed mild-moderate slipped disc did back injection really screwed me up Neurosurgeon says nothing on MRI indicates nerves being compressed I cant bear any weight on feet can't work lyrica, oxycodone not working had brain mri, emg,bilateral foot MRI 3 rounds bloodwork fine.Been txed for Lyme have appt with another neurologist in 2 wks also spinal tap.Could it be from alcohol abuse as I was a heavy beer drinker for months totally clean now 2 months or nicotine poisoning from vapor cig?I can't think of anything else please if you know anything let me know I need my life back.          Diane
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I've had the same pain your describing for about 7 years now and my doctor told me that it was just the way i was sleeping. They say if you sleep with your feet pointed that it can cause the tendons in your feet to tense/tighten up and then the pain your feeling is the tendons in your feet trying to stretch back out. What was recommended is that you wear some sort of ankle brace or ace bandage when your going to bed. Total lie if you ask me because it never really seemed to be doing anything and it was discomforting. I found that wearing really comfortable shoes helps a lot. Preferably anything that has lots of padding in the soles or you can buy some plushy soles for extra support in your shoes. There's really not much else you can do. It just kind of gets less noticeable in due time.
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Have you tried Neurontin for the nerve pain. I am on that drug for my neuropathy. Good luck to you!!
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