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Pain in hands and feet - Due to chronic HCV?

  Over the last year I have had some minimal numbness and tingling in the very tips of my fingers and toes and occasional fleeting stabbing pains in random places of my body.  I have chronic HCV so I also have a lot of joint and muscle aches and pains.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have started having frequent sharp stabbing pains in my hands and feet and in the last week an increase in the numbness.  Now I have some numbness extending down my fingers and in my toes.  A couple of nights I have been awakened with pain in my feet and several nights I have had to sleep with my feet off the bed and uncovered because of burning. As far as the HCV is concerned, I have been in a sustained remission, but I am having some symptoms of relapse. Could this problem I am having with my hands and feet be secondary to the HCV.  I am really limited on what I can use for the pain since Tylenol and Ibuprofen both are supposed to be harmful to the liver.  Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thank you.
Dear CJ:
Hepatitis C certainly can cause parasthesias, peripheral neuropathy.  It might be best to see a neurologist and confirm the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy.  There are many good neurologists in the Cleveland area, in particular at the Cleveland Clinic.  You could arrange an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic by calling 1-800-CCF-CARE.  There are medications on the market such as Neurontin that are not metabolized by the liver that might help you find relief from your pain.  When you see a neurologist, he or she will be able to tailor a medication just for you.  
CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS

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