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Pain in inguinal area

  For the past week I have been experiencing pain over my left inguinal area.
  It started gradually and has not improved since. I didn't have any trauma,
  and I don't remember straining anything.
  Interestingly, the only time I feel the pain is when I dorsiflex my foot-
  with leg straight or knee fully bent. I don't have the pain if it is
  flexed passively. I also don't feel the pain against any type of active
  resistance (psoas, quads, ankle). What could cause pain all the way up
  in my inguinal area from ankle movement?
  There has been no nausea, vomitting, fever, or swelling. Coughing or
  straining have no effect, and I'm 'regular'. Urination and sexual function
  are normal, too. I'm thirty years old, in otherwise good health and of
  normal weight.
  Thanks for any help you can offer, and keep up the good work.
Dear Rich:
Your pain is most likely musculoskeletal and benign. The theory or hypothesis would be that you had a minor tear or disruption of one of the muscle attachments in the inguinal area. The reason why you might have a provocation of pain with foot dorsiflexion is that some of these groin area muscles contracts synergistically with your tibialis anterior. Such co-contraction is normal physiology (eg. your wrist dorsiflexors co-contract with finger-flexors when you make a fist). I you are introspective enough and experiment enough, you may be able to isolate and identify the groin muscle. But this is probably not worth your time. Likely, your pain will resolve in the next several days.
Just in the unlikely case that your pain gets worse, it may be a good idea to see your primary physician.

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