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Pain in neck, shoulder blade, shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, lower back, middle of butt

About a year and a and a couple months ago I was experiencing pain in my right hand, fingers and wrist and elbow. Including stabbing pains, tingling, and aching. It felt like my bones were like splinters in my arm and stabbing me over and over again. I never got an official diagnosis, but was sent to physical therapy for a couple of months and did all the stretches excercises etc and got better. Mostly. Though it still bothers me from time to time.
I work from home on a computer all day. I do take frequent breaks etc. Was given and ergonomic keyboard and mouse.
I switched my mouse and phone to my left side to alleviate my right during my physical therapy and it's stayed there since.
About six months ago I started to experience similar pains on my left side that have now gotten much worse in a short amount of time than my right side had. Starting with my from the left back of my ear down my neck it feels like its being slightly pulled down, and there is a dull pressure at the base of the back of my head. Then I have a contant burning pain down my shoulder blade and down the top of my shoulder, through my entire arm all the way down to my fingers. I feel especially a constant ache in my elbow area, and pains in my thumb and middle fingers especially and my wrist. These pains vary from stabbing to aching and feeling like I need to shake my wrist out.
In addition to this my lower back hurts (again, left side), when I stand and lean slightly backI have a shooting pain that goes down through to about the middle of my left butt cheek. I've noticed when I'm sitting I tend to lean forward into the computer screen because certain times when I lean back I feel the same pain in my butt.
Occasionally I've noticed that the pain will go all the way down my leg to my foot but it's occasional.
When I'm not working (went on vacation for 2 weeks) these problems all but go away.
When I come back to work they come back almost instantly.
Also, a few weeks ago my left ear, down my neck to the top of my shoulder was warm and red. It lasted a day and them went away when the next day I went on vacation.
Also, when I swtich the phone, mouse to right side I start to have the same pains in my right again.
One note, that I'm not sure is related or not, 7 years ago I was plopping down on my couch - which is a futon with a wood arm - and I plopped down on the wood arm onto my tail bone. The doctors said I probably fractured it and there was nothing they could do about. It took a good two-three years to heal all the way. Not sure if that coud've affected my current problems or not?
Currently: I go to physical therapy twice a week, they do, traction, ice and stim, hand on work, light therapy, etc. I do excercises and stretching. No diagnosis.
My work has ordered me a new desk, chair, headset.
I'm still in pain when I work though...
Honestly I just want to know what's wrong with me and fix it. I'm tired and depressed from. I'm only 31 years old, female, healthy. Are there things that this could be? Tests that can be done?
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