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Painful Leg Moving Toe Syndrome

  Hi. I hope someone can help me with this rare and painful condition. Three years ago I had surgury  on my left foot to release the ligaments around a heel spur, that was done through an arthroscope by an inexperienced podiatrist.There was some nerve damage that left my heel numb. A year later I broke the fifth metatarsal on the same foot. After the cast came off my foot began to wiggle and has not stopped since. I have a chronic case of plantar fasciaitis and am in pain around the clock. I have seen a Neurologist who diagnosed "Painful Leg Moving Toe Syndrome," and put me on Dilantin, them Baclovan, both ineffective. An EMG showed the nerve damage from the surgury, but nothing that would explain all of this wiggling. I have seen a physical therapist, had orthotics put in my shoes, and wear a brace to prevent plantar flexion at night. These have all helped some, but I am still in chronic pain, and the wiggling is worse. Any ideas? No one seems to really know what to do with this. Thanks
Dear Sandi,
Painful legs and moving toes is a peculiar syndrome of deep burning pain in one foot associated with a continuous wiggling and writhing of individual toes.  The movements persist during sleep and occasionlly result in insomnia.  EMG studies usually show 2 distinct patterns (one consists of rhiymic burst of comples motor discharges, the other erractic, continuous motor activity).  Treatment is not very successful.  Anticonvulsant medications, such as, dilantin (which you have tried), tegretol,and  clonazepam are some options. Baclofen and analgesics are also used. Discusse thes options with your doctor. If you are interested in getting an evaluation at CCF call, 1-800-CCF-CARE. Good Luck.

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