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Pamerol and other drugs

  A neurologist recently prescribed Pamerol for my depression, with the bonus that it may also help to relieve chronic headache pain (from an auto accident) and help me sleep.  I am wondering about interactions between Pamerol and alcohol, and Pamerol and marijuana, if there are any.  Also, is Pamerol an effective drug in the treatment of bulimia nervosa?  I have read that Prozac can help with bulimia, but wasn't sure if other antidepressants are as effective.  Thank you.
I presume you mean PAMELOR not Pamerol, the generic name is Nortiptyline.
There is evidence that alcohol enhances the side effects of Pamelor,
causing slowed reaction times especially when driving.
There is no information on interactions with cannabis, in the absence of
information but given the potential for both to interact in the nervous
system I would strongly advise against the combination.
Pamelor has not been used to treat bulimia, it also works differently to
Prozac so there is not necessarily a theoretical use in this condition.

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