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Panic Attacks

Does anyone know anything about panic attacks.I started having them 5 years ago.They went away for a few months but now they are back,and it is really hard to function,I keep getting dizzy,and my heart starts pounding and I get the feeling im dying and nasea and a feeling like im going to pass out and throw up at the same time. I was always healthy until this started,now I cannot sleep at night and im always sick,I take lorazapam when an attack comes on ,but i wish I knew how or why these happen and how to rid of them, anyone have any information?
Thank You

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I started having them at 36 . They were uncontrollable and came on even at night in my sleep. It was affecting my work big time. Which sent me to therapy. It took a lot of therapy to just find out what the cause was. We or I figured out it was childhood abuse. A childhood mechanism is to forget that total experience and even block out that whole area of our childhood. I could not remeber anything before 10 or 11 years old. I thought that was normal. I now realise its not. I still have them even though I know now where or what is causing them but meds help a lot for those episodes. Somtimes I have no idea what is the reason but I know what is the cause. They are horrible and I wish them on no one. I have been at a nice social gathering and just lost it. Trust me I know what its like.
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I too used to get panic attacks, after my micro-preemie was born.  I started driving to the hosp., which is 1 hour away to see my son in NICU.  Well, I didn't make it too far, maybe 16-17 miles!  I went dead stop in my car, parked in a parking lot, and sat there for a couple hours till my hubby came to pick me up.  The only time I would get attacks is when I was driving!  Which is bad!  I couldn't control it nohow!  
Needless to say, I did NOT drive for 6-7 months.  Had to get a ride everywhere for me or my son's appointments.  My family doc put me on Zoloft 50mg, worked great!!  Drove again!  Not long distance~but enough to get me around. Took them for awhile, then figured I didn't need them anymore. Well, they started back up after I quit.  Soooo, now I'm on 100mg. and not going to stop taking these...lol.
I went to a therapist, I already new that I was sexually abused when I was young.  Also in my tween years.  Physically/mentally abused by my X-hubby.  I'm remarried now for 8 years, and my son is now 5 years old and we're doing fine.  I still don't drive too far.  Maybe no where past 20 miles...lol.  Too afraid of them coming back!!
But Zoloft has really helped me a lot!!!
I know how you feel and I wish the best for you!!!
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Panic attacks are periods of intense anxiety that are associated with cognitive and somatic symptoms. Usually the onset is abrupt.
There can be many causes of panic attacks like heredity, biological causes like hyperthyroidism, generalized anxiety, hypoglycemia, post traumatic stress disorder, vitamin B deficiency and inner ear diseases.
Other causes can be hyperventilation syndrome, sudden personal loss, medications like methyphenidate.
Treatment includes paper bag  rebreathing, anti anxiety medications, seeking te help of family and friends.
Do let me know if you need more information.

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