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Papilledema, neck pain

Hi, 24yo female! About 4 weeks ago i was admitted to hospital with severe headache & papilledema! After CT & MRI came back fine i was told i have benign intracranial hypertension, was sent home with DIAMOX tabs which seemed to ease the headaches a little! After about a week on the diamox tabs i had another checkup with the doc & opthalmologist who said my papilledema hadnt improved so he booked me in for a lumbar puncture the following day, the results came back fine but he said my CSF pressure was surprisingly low, he then spoke to a neurologist who told him that the diamox wouldnt have decreased it this much, so they are now thinking that it is not BIH. Im seeing my opthalmologist again this afternoon and having an eye angiogram! Im quite confused now as to what could be causing all of this! I still have constant neck pain & also a constant pain that seems to radiate all over my head, quite dull but does intensify at times! Also my vision has not returned to normal, cant really describe whats wrong with it, but feels as if a little intoxicated, really have to focus & concentrate when doing something! My doctor is referring me to a neurologist aswell! Any info as to what is going on or what it is the doctors are looking for now would be much appreciated! Many Thanks!
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I'm a 36yr old male with a damaged upper trapzius muscle with several knots that go down in to shoulder blade. The biggest knot is in the neck, i'd been experiencing flashes of light in vision prior to finding out about the muscle damage. One afternoon I turned my head to the left and felt a pinch in the neck with a weird sensation ( like when putting tongue on a 9v battery ) which went through neck in to head then I had the flash of light in vision for a good 5-10 minutes. The knot in neck is in the left side and when it plays up I get a really uncomfortable stabbing pain in back of left eye, I also get occasional flickering blind spots when blinking quick and constant squiggly lines that resembles lighting. I have been seeing a physio who reassured me I'm not going blind but it's to do with the trigger points and pain referral from neck which I believe is causing optic muscle to swell. I'd never experienced the vision disturbances until I started having problems with the muscle.
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