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Paresthesia that worsens

I have been having stiff muscles that started from my foot (right side) and my back, i have a stressful job that demands pressure into making productions that increases day by day over every individual, actually i don't perform as much as requested by my boss and therefore i'm the one who is more stressed, i don't know if this has to do with pins and needles, this sensation spread in my whole body over time, and i got initial muscle pain and heaviness throught my by body, which worsens considerably and becomes numb by movment , also with thinking and worst of all by exercsion. this onset happened suddenly though, after i have exercised for some month or two, but i don't know if this has to do with it, we work for long hours like 8 to 10 hours seated in the same position, and rarely go out for my break time. I went to verious doctors, they examined me, and told me that i don't need to go for a CAT scan or MRI, so i did blood tests instead , CBC count that resulted normal, with 11.90 himoglobil, sligly below average. but otherwise all ok, cholasterol is low so is bllood pressure low to normal. I fear it can be life threatening thing so i want your openion about this. Lately i have been having heavy pricking pains in my spinal cord (upper part where it joins the head with the body and the feeling is like somone is severing your head slowly). could this be related to tension? i hope you can answer me as i'm very worrired, i don't have any fever, but this excrusiating pain is getting on my nerves..
please help!! i want to have my mind at rest. do you think al those doctors who i visited probably made the right thing not to send me for a CT scan? sometimes i think Doctors in my country want to just think that there is no serious condition related or are just assuming by taking a medical history and performing symple tests.
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i missed to add that lately i'm having hadache (pins and needles type too) on my left side and also pins and needles in the throat and sometimes it effects my thorso..
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It would be difficult right now to determine what may be causing your symptoms as they may be associated with many conditions.

Stress and anxiety can indeed cause some of your symptoms so trying to remain calm and engaging in relaxation exercises might help. Talking to a counselor may also be beneficial in dealing with your psychological stress.

Since no MRI or CT scan was done on the spine, and you are now exhibiting back pain and worsening paresthesias, it would probably be advisable to request to have one done to determine or rule out spine and nerve root conditions that may be associated with your symptoms.

Also, were your thyroid and glucose blood levels determined? Some endocrine disorders can present with neurological symptoms that need to be ruled out in your case.

Talk to your doctors about these possibilities.

Good luck.
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hi thanks for your comment, i did go to the DOctor and explained all my symptoms, I now have a pain on my left head, my Doctor said that this is usually due to low levels of b12, from the phyiscal examination i had, i went to other Doctors and they say that if i had serious conditions, i would have had a fever, all Doctorsi n my country would only send you to to a scan or test if you experiance fever. It's their method of tackling their job with patients, if they think you look ok and have no fever than you don't have any life threatening decease, my Gluecose levels are a bit lower than everage. I have a stressful job but it's only mentally stressful, not physically in any way, it involves inputting data. The pins and needles i experiance usually come and go, but sometimes  they remain. Last week i thought the pain was over because it had almost diminshed but now the pins and needles are with me again. I learnt to live with it as the Doctors think it's something that has to do with stress and probably it has to do with being seated for many hours in the same position, that made my neck stiff and the pain sometimes radiates when i though my neck (back neck), i read many people on web sites that have this type of feeling and part of their normal lives. My parents think doing a ct or mri scan is being crazy for a healthy individual like me but sometimes i think they are wrong because if there is something serious it won't be detected or will be unkown until it has caused considerable damage and only after that it would be noticable. please help! i was told by the Stjames hosptial, receptionist to visit a neurologist should i go? I had been to many Doctors but none of them were neurologists.
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i went to the neurologist and he exemined me, and said that i have good reflexes and strong muscular ability and motion.., pins and needles have reduced their frequency but at times they seem the worst (like a day out of the blue) usually the pain lessens as days go by but it seems it is constant (not all the time) pain in my hands...there are tender points where if i lift something it hurts more, i am scheduled for an emg before they make the final decision of my condition.. after the emg, they told me if emg comes normal, it could be like fibromalgyia i have read that fibromalgyia takes months even years to heal compeletly and that emotional stress can also trigger it, a thing which i mostl y suffer from when i'm at work...
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I too started to experience paresthesia in the tips of my right fingers after waking up from a nap on the couch.  After my visit to the ER yesterday didn’t yield an exact prognosis other than I’m not having a stroke or heart issues, and it's mostly CTS, I now have a numb-ish (but I still feel sensation) right hand (not just tips anymore) leg and foot, with some light headedness.  I figure this is a pinched nerve which Dr. Dave can fix with the Art & Science of Chiropractics.  After my visit to Dr Dave (my normal Chiropractor) he prognosed my back was all out of alignment and just needed to be readjusted after which I felt better but still felt some paresthesia.  After a night's sleep it's worse so I'm convinced it is a muscular/skelular which can be resolved with Chiropractics, accupuncture, stretching, and a balanced diet.  Good luck and God bless.
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hi thanks for yoru comment, my pain has been eased a bit, i read fibromalygia can do this to a person and he wont' feel normal anymore, in fact even when i got the blood test it came normal, i have a very high immune system (from the test high wbc and rbc) and sometimes i'm afraid of ms and lupus (autoimmune deseases) in the contrary of hiv, the immune system is so high that it declares war on the body since there are not agents it can attack (probably overactive immune system from what i read) the immune system is so powerful in lupus that it can damage even kill the person...the neuro however said i need emg to rule out muscle distrophy, neurotitis etc... because he says if the problem is not related to the nerves than its something chronic (although he didn't mention fibro) ...but till now i had only problems with general aches nothing more serious...but now it's like they are lessening slownly (as nerve related ailment do take long time to heal, my cousin who is a nurse said that nerves grow or heal slowly so it will take a long time to be releaved and if i'm stressed i need rest) in fact when  i rest i feel no symptoms even when i'm on vacation but when i start to work again all comes back, my neuro diagnosed me with anxiety too...probably this is the problem to this, because i remember i had problems with my boss after sometime i started having these weird aches...
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