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Hello. I'm wondering what disorders might cause paresthesias all over the body.

I am a 37-year-old white female in the U.S. I am obese but reasonably healthy -- normal cholesterol, low blood pressure, physically active.

I've been having mild paresthesias all  over -- varying from a sort of "buzzing" feeling in the skin, to mild pins and needles, to warmth or burning of the skin -- in various parts of my body for a little more than a month. It began in the hands and forearms, then spread to the face after a few days (especially the lips), then spread to the torso and legs all at once after about two weeks. It tends to be present, mildly, in the hands and lips all the time; it is frequently present in the feet, but not all the time; it tends to crop up in my back and shoulders when I lie down on my back in bed or sit down for a long time. Though it's not consistent, it seems to emerge or strengthen in response to pressure. It's often mildest and most localized when I wake up in the morning, and strongest and most widespread when I lay down to go to bed in the evening.

I haven't noticed any weakness or balance problems. B12 and thyroid levels have tested normal since these sensations started. I have had positive ANA tests for about three years, but no autoimmune disorder diagnosis (lots of autoimmune problems in my family, though). I don't think I've had any other symptoms associated with Lyme or lupus, though I've had occasional mild joint pain in the fingers (diagnosed as early osteoarthritis). No diabetes as far as I know -- blood sugar levels have been fine.

I have an upcoming neurology appointment, but I'm having to wait quite awhile for it. These sensations are really not that bad in and of themselves, but they're scary. I guess I'm wondering how scared to be.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.
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How are you?
It is quite possible that your symptoms are due to acute anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation, fibromyalgia, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome and lymes disease. I would suggest you get yourself tested for lymes disease since thyroid dysfunction and peripheral neuropathies have already been ruled out.
Let us know if you need more information. Take care!
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Thanks so much for your reply. Sleep deprivation hasn't been a problem, and I haven't been feeling tired or poorly in any other way -- just the paresthesia.

I know paresthesia can be a part of panic attacks, but could stress/anxiety cause paresthesia all over the body for an entire month? I'd be *delighted* if that were the explanation, but it seems too good to be true.

If the paresthesia is from is Lyme, I'm pretty sure it's my first and only symptom of the disease. As far as I know, I've never been bitten by a tick, but I know they're tiny and I might not have seen it.
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Paresthesias are one of the symptoms of magnesium deficiency.
I had this too, although it was not as bad as yours.

If you want to investigate Lyme further, see Wild Condor's Lyme Links for information.

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Thank you, Carol. I take a daily supplement that contains at least some magnesium (100 mg), but maybe I'm not getting enough from my diet to make up the rest of what I need. Your paresthesia turned out to be from a magnesium deficiency?

I'll check out the Lyme disease link -- thank you.
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My paresthesia turned out to be magnesium deficiency caused by Lyme Disease.
The Lyme bacteria invades the nerves, and uses up large amounts of magnesium.
We need mag for all the enzyme processes in the cell.
Some of the symptoms of Lyme Disease can be traced to magnesium deficiency.

Contact me if you need more information.

p.s.  You'll  need more than 100 mg of Magnesium.   I take 400 to 600 mg daily, and some people take more.  Directions are to "take it to bowel tolerance."  Too much magnesium will result in loose stools.
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Thanks, Carol -- this is helpful to know!
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Oh! I have symptoms exactly like yours! the neurologist believes it caused by stress, I'm using Gabapentine but I've seen no change! I'm worried. What was the diagnosis?
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While my b12 was low and then corrected as well as working on supplementing very! Low D, I only got relief from toe/ball of feet parasthesia,  breathlessness, anxiety, palpitations, loss of appetite, nausea, occasional vomiting, weight loss, widespread body twitching/fasiculations, and insomnia from magnesium supplementation.  What the neurologists and MDs don't know or entertain is shameful!
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100 mg is way too low; start with 320, maybe.
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I too have very similar symptoms to yours with paresthesia in extremities, my back and the burning is also in my hips/thighs when I sit for long periods. So piriformis is suspected there, but the paresthesia in back, side and extremities is being investigated by a neurologist. He made mention that it could be anxiety/stress related. But he booked me for a nerve conduction test in the new year. All of this started a few months after a knee arthroscopy. I am booked for more major knee surgery in 2 weeks and the anxiety from that could possibly be cause of the burning/tingling. Like you, it's more mild in the a.m. and worse at night, especially when lying on couch watching TV, and with friction/rubbing. It's hard to believe that anxiety is the cause, especially when I don't feel that anxious, though I know I am at times about the upcoming surgery.
Good luck and hope it gets resolved. I've had mine going on 2 months now, do aqua fitness which helps and am on Lyrica which helps somewhat.....don't like the weight gain it causes.
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Hi! I know this is an old post, but I have the same symptoms of parasthesia all over my body. All the nerve conduction tests and blood tests for Lyme, diabetes, thyroid and vitamins deficiencies are normal. I do have panic attacks at night. Had these symptoms for 2 mos now. I was wondering how you r doing and what your diagnosis was.
Hi my dad is experiencing the same symptoms, all levels seem to be normal and we cant figure out the cause of the symptoms. Has anybody gotten a diagnosis ?
Have you had your b6 levels tested? I had b6 toxicity and was only taking 50 mg of b6 for 9 months. I had the feeling of pins and needles and it feels like bugs are crawling under my skin.
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Hi froggieweather

I am a 31 years old male and am having exact same symptoms like yours since almost a month
How are you now? Any diagnosis?
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