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Pediatric Diffuse Brain Atrophy

   My son was diagnosed with Benign Exterior Hydrocephalus with Chronic Subderral Hematomas at age 1. We believe he bonked his head (he did seem to have a target on it) and with the Hydrocephalus his brain bounced around and tore a vessel. Thankfully the hematoma reabsorbed. We didn't need surgery. He has been "on the high end of normal" for 9 years now for his Hydro so we hadn't needed surgery there either. We recently had his yearly MRI and was seen at a pretty well known and trusted hospital and they told me he looked good, and his hydro was almost cleared up(?). "Come back in 2 years!" they told me. I was overjoyed! Thinking that he was recovering on his own. How blessed are we! No surgery dance! Less than 6 months after that appointment my son had a nasty fall on some wet concrete. He seemed woozy and while he hadn't passed out, was missing the memory of the fall. So off we go to our local E.R.
   While there before the CT scan could come back, he was diagnosed with a concussion, possible post concussion disorder, as his memory was a little wonky. The shocker was when the CT scan came back. No bleeding, or stroke, or acute damage. Did I know my son had signs of atrophy and degeneration in his brain? Um...no! They asked me if he suffered delays. Yes. He had a motor skill delay for a while, suffered from a communicative delay for many many years and mildly suffers it now. He understands everything told to him, but has trouble writing or speaking the words he needs. Reading is a chore, but no signs of dyslexia. He was finally removed from all therapies in 3rd grade at his final I.E.P. I was told this was probably either caused by the Hydro, the hematoma, or the fact he was 5 weeks premature. Now this. I was told he had the brain of an elderly person. My son is 10. I don't know what to do? I have seen multiple doctors (3 neurosurgeons, 1 opthamologist, and 1 neurologist) over the course of his life. He has had more MRI's and CT scans than a 10 year old should, why is this only coming out now? OR is there a chance the radiologist had zero clue what he was doing and my son's brain is fine? (Or as fine as it could be?) Can he recover the tissue lost? Or is it only going to get worse? Can a child suffer from dimentia? I am so scared and I want some help to understand what steps I need to take to make his life the best it could be. Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post. I just wanted to make sure you had as many details as possible.
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