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Peripheral Neuropathy caused by static, cramped body position?

  47 yr old. Recently diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy; burning pain, numbness, tingling, in hands and feet. Excessive computer use at work and home for approx 3 years (total hours/week on computer ranging from 70-100). Carpal tunnel surgery on both hands, dequervain's release on one hand. Pain and numbness getting higher up arm into shoulder and neck. Foot pain and numbness mainly in toes and feet but sometimes travels up to knee. Hands and feet used to look like I had  on a pair of red socks and gloves. Computer use now down to approx 2 hours/week. EMG showed borderline slowing in bilateral ulnar nerve distribution; latencies across each wrist significantly slower than on previous study; left superficial radial sensory response latency borderline; sural & peroneal conduction in right lower extremity normal. Negative for diabetes; rheumatological work up neg; thyroids normal; toxic chemicals and uremia neg; no family history of peripheral neuropathy.
  The possibility of RSD was ruled out.
  Could the cause simply be due to the sheer number of hours spent staying in one position too long? This has also been referred to as "static" position. Could you please explain this process?
  Thanks for your help.
The problems you desribe are certainly consistent with a diagnosis of peripheral
neuropathy, unfortunately in many cases of peripheral neuropathy the undrelying cause camnnot be found.
There are a number of obvious possible causes which need to be outruled,
these include the posibility of thyroid disease and rheumatological disease as you metion.
There is however no documented link between remaining ain a static position and the
development of peripheral neuropathy, repeated movements can lead to problems like
median nerve problems in the carpal tunnel but static position does not cause the sort of
problem affecting all peripheral nerves that you describe. i cannot explain the process as
there is no theoretical mechanism by which prolonged sitting in one position could cause this

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