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Peripheral neuropathy Swollen feet

Dx Periphera Neuropathy- progressive numbness in both feet for about 7 years.
Progressing slowly, but, major inconvenience is a general swelling in my feet most days- starting late in the day. Feet get hot, puffy- feels really good to dunk them in cold water. Seems to be getting worse. While I don't have intense pain- this swelling is getting to be a drag, and don't see much about this symptom in the general literature of PN.
Any advice, direction?
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Hi welcome to med help. I too am new. How were you diagnosed with PN. I've been going thru some wierd symptoms last 4 yrs on and off. I get so worried that it could be something the doctors are just looking over .
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I have had idiopathic peripheral neuopathy for 27 years. The symptoms did start when I had some severe back problems.  I was on
neurontin for many years, and discontinued it about four months ago.
I have recently developed  a very swollen feeling in my feet and there does seem to be some actual swelling.  I am curious to know if anyone else witrh PN has experienced this.
Thank you.
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I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet (right is worse and started earlier than left).  I, too, have the swelling.  It's in the right foot (the worse one).  It's very uncomfortable.  That feeling, I think, is almost worse than the actual numbness I experience.  I also have developed this plantar fasciatis.  I didn't know if that could have been because the decreased use of the toes.  The heel pain is excruciating sometimes!  Anyone else experience this?
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