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Piloerection, miosis, lacrimation

The other night I had the following symptoms:
-nearly constant piloerection
-green appearance of skin
-pupils "so small you almost can't see them"
-twitching muscles
-conscious, but not very responsive to stimuli
-visual disturbances (strange, kind of like seeing things being unevenly bright and dark)
-difficulty speaking
-asymmetric posture
-lacrimation without emotion
-"no facial expression"

It started with me feeling especially sad and anxious. Recently, I have had difficulty feeling extremes of hot and cold. I actually burned my index finger on a 420 degree hot iron because I didn't realize it was hot when i grabbed it until I started feeling my skin melt or maybe the steam from it. I have also noticed that sometimes some of my fingers will get hot and swollen and the others on that hand remain cold. It usually happens on the right side of my body. I have a weak eye that gives me diplopia when I look to my left.

I recently had an EEG that came back abnormal focally (frontal lobes, mostly left) with a "normal MRI" which I don't trust. I have symptoms of simple partial seizures in temporal lobe epilepsy but have not been responsive to anticonvulsants or had an abnormal EEG in the temporal lobes. I take Adderall, but not for ADD. I started taking it because it seems to be the only thing that works for me, but nobody knows why. I have mitral valve prolapse.

I have included an MRI image (GRE axial).

Can someone please tell me what this might be?
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