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Pinched Nerve?

Pain started a month ago in my right shoulder after playing softball, felt like bursitis(sp?) Did the usual routine of ibrobrophen and heat, pain started radiate up towards neck and pins and neeles down arm after about a week. Funny thing now, is the original pain is gone and i now feel like I have a kink in my neck and painful pins and needles down my arm that travels down my triicept around the elbow to the top of my forarm and paralizes my thumb, this can last anywhere from 30 to 40 seconds, then subsides and returns anywhere from 5 to 15 mins later. Nothing makes it worse and nothing makes it better.

Dr gave me flexirol, but i have 2 toddlers and it just makes me TOO sleepy.
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Thanks for your responses. Unfortunatley it just took almost 2 years to get an mri for my knee, I have a high tolerance for pain and i guess the dr didn't take me seriously (she is a good doctor, btw). Turns out I need surgery.  I can't live witih my arm this way. It's not so much the pain but the loss of use. I can't even push a stroller.

I may have to see if I can find a reasonalbe physiotherapist in my area.

I am seeing a Neuroligist in November for something unrelated (fibromyalgia and unusual shaking). Maybe he'll have some ideas as well, but hopefully this will be resolved before then.

Thanks again
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Hi there. You need to be evaluated for a cervical spine disc degeneration or prolapsed irritating the nerve roots and causing tingling , numbness and weakness in the arm and thumb. These neck, shoulder and arm symptoms are most likely due to compression of the nerve roots supplying these regions which originate from cervical and upper thoracic vertebral levels. Consult a neurologist for evaluation of your spine and an MRI spine would help in assessment of the structures in your back. There could be nerve entrapment at the neck and axilla where the brachial plexus traverses as it diversifies into nerves. Certain exercises advised by the physiotherapist would also help. Hope this helps.
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You are have the signs of a nerve being pinched. You need a mri or ct scan to see what exactly is wrong. Leaving the unchecked can result in permanent damage to the nerves and spine. Get an appointment asap and take it easy until you find out how serious it is. There is a chart on my profile showing the nerves and what they control this may be useful to you. Best of luck.

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Hi ouchies - you may not realize that you posted this in the Multple Sclerosis forum - which is a disease of the central nervous system.  I have asked the moderators to redirect your question to the forum that can felp you.

Good luck with getting this fixed - those problems can be quite the lingering pain, especially with having two toddlers to tend to.

good luck, Lulu
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