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Pinched nerve?

Having had gone through all the tests for throat conditions (MRI, Barium, Endoscopy) and coming out negative, I have noticed that my throat becomes unbearably sore (right side only) after lifting stuff or alot of neck movement.  I cannot even swallow because it becomes so sore (like an ultra painful burning)  Sometimes swallowing cold liquid sets it off.  In fact,  I can "feel a funny pricking feeling" in that location when I move my neck or right arm.  
According to an x-ray, I have a degeneration in my c5-c6 disk in my neck.  
Could this be my smoking gun?  and how do I recover from this  (3 months and no relief)  I do a lot of lifting on my job.
This has totally consumed me (pain) and i am close to getting fired(Pain in throat gets unbearable).  
Will Tegratol help as a stopgap pain reliever so I can keep my job?  No other pain meds work and Tegraton at 400 mg barely does the trick

I also have a limpoma located under the collar bone on the same side.  Any clues??
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Thanks for your response.  I thought I was the only one out there.  Doctors seem pretty perplexed as to what I have and the cause.  My nurologist said too that I could have a neuralgia in my throat.  It sure is fricken painful after I eat and once the pain starts I am out for the day.  Can you work?  I cannot.  This pain hijacks my brain.  Does your throat always feel wierd, evenbetween flare ups?
I know what you mean about medications being useless.  Have you tried Ambien?  I know it is a sleep med, but for me it actually does relieve my pain for a bit.  The bummer is that I do not function well on it (motor skills) and I experience funky memory loss.
Life suks right now  Please keep in touch.  It is good to have company
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Wow...there is someone like me.  My throat pain has been with me for almost 1 year now.  Mine is on the left side.  I've been told I have a rare case of Laryngeal Neuralgia but all the medicines they have given me have been unimpressive.  I'm taking meds that help with nerve pain.  I even had a nerve block that did nothing.  I'm going to try another in a few weeks and hoping for relief.

Lifting, movement, etc. all make it worse but after 9 months of "splinting" it and using my body in another way to avoid the pain, it made things worse and I'm in physical therapy now for muscle tension and burning...nice!  Sleep is my only vacation as well but that is very ellusive at times.  Please let me know what they find out with you.

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Thanks...I most likley lost my job anyway..too many sic days off.  I just cannot work with this throat pain.  I am very scared that this is something very bad .  The pain is off the charts.  I have been resting and on HEAVY duty pain meds with still no real let up.  Sleep is my only vacation from this.  OTC antiinflammatories right now do not have any effect.  
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Thanks for writing in.
Since you have a disc condition in your cervical spine, I would suggest you to stop all the lifting. Please take rest and try to look for a job which does not entail so much of heavy lifting as this will only make your condition worse.
I would also suggest you to consult a good rehab specialist and undergo physical and occupational therapy. OTC antiinflammatories will also help.

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