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Pinched nerves?
Hello. I am a 21 year old  female and don't have the best of health.

-Background Information-

The first time I ever had any problem related to nerves was in 2008. My right hand  index finger just started hurting. It was a stinging kind of pain. I went to the school nurse (I was still in H.S.) and she thought it was a bug bite and sprayed something on it. It didn't do anything, of course. It worsened. My finger got swollen and turned purple/green and I couldn't move it. If I moved it then it would send shooting pain from the tip of that finger to my elbow. I went to the doctor and they wrapped it up and gave me a sling. They couldn't do anything. I couldn't move my right hand for a week. Months later I finally saw a doctor that I had tried to contact at the time, but I no longer had the problem. He said my vein had been bruised and it put pressure on the nerve there causing pain.

I had the same problem with little green/purple spots showing up on diff fingers three other times between that year and the one after. I couldn't move those fingers without getting the sharp stinging pain. It just thankfully didn't go all the way up to my elbow like the first time.


Last week on Wednesday (November 16th), I stayed home because I hadn't been able to get out of bed due to pain from my ovarian dermoid cyst. I got my period the night before so you can imagine. I called my doctor and she told me to take 600 to 800mg of ibuprofen every six hours. I had been already taking 600mg of ibuprofen every six hours because I had been having pain even before I actually got my period.

Anyway, that night at around 6:40 P.M. or so, I was typing on the computer when I suddenly got a sharp stinging pain on my left hand pinky finger as if someone had stabbed it. The pain was really intense. It went all the way up to my shoulder. I stopped typing (obviously) and when I tried to move my hand it happened again, and again, and again. I just stopped moving my hand. But my left arm felt like it was going to explode. I had stinging pain in my upper left arm and I got very scared so I started calling my mother to her cellphone. She didn't pick up at all. My arm started going numb. I felt all agitated as if my blood pressure had gone up, so I went and grabbed the little monitor we have at home and checked it. My blood pressure was 103/65.

Now, for some of you this may seem VERY NORMAL. But for me it's not. I live with 93/65 to 90/60.

I laid down and stopped moving my arm because it would hurt. Before I laid down though, my legs started stinging too. I kept feeling pins and needles around my knees, even after I laid down.

My mother finally came home maybe ten minutes after I laid down. I had been calling her and she hadn't picked up any of the calls (I probably called her twenty times) and came in talking to her friend on the phone. I got really mad and I got this really intense pain in my chest. It felt like it was a tiny spot in my chest that tightened up and then the pain spread like a ripple in the water and it was gone. This happened two more times. I told my mother everything and she gave me one of her aspirins. It was probably around 7:17pm? My arm was still hurting and numb. Any time I moved it it would hurt. I stayed laying down for quite a while. The pain went down and my arm still felt somewhat sensitive and sore so I didn't use it much.

Next day, Thursday. I went to class. My arm was still hurting but to a level where I could ignore it. I got the stabbing pain in my left hand pinky finger again, during class, and my arm started going numb again. It was as if I had a lot of pressure inside my arm. Later, after class, when my mother picked me up I got the same pain again. It stayed hurting at the ignorable level all day, sometimes getting stinging pain here and there throughout my arm, my legs or my chest. Still sore.

Friday. I went to the doctor with my mother. As I went up the stairs I got the stinging stabbing throbbing pain on my left knee as well as on my left hand. It went away before I got to the doctor but started again during the appointment. I told the doctor and he said it sounded like pinched nerve. He checked my reflexes and it all seemed normal, but I was still feeling a sore left arm. He felt my back and was really shocked because he said it was as hard as a rock and that it was probably from both physical and emotional stress due to my health conditions. Told me to get a massage. Asked if I had pain in my neck.. and I haven't had any pain on my neck at all.

My left arm has been hurting the whole time. It's uncomfortable. Depending on how much I use that arm it'll hurt more. It feels sore. I have been getting pain in new places since. It's mostly on the left side of my body though. My left arm, hand and leg are all uncomfortable all the time and hurt randomly. As I'm typing this my left arm is hurting because I am using it. It was been stinging. The inner side of my arm where my elbow is located feels sore right now.

It just doesn't go away. I'm going to see about getting a massage, but I'm worried since I have had this kind of pain before... before I was even diagnosed with all the problems I currently have. Last night I got the stabbing stinging pain again, but it was in a new location. The pain was in my lower back, exactly where the bone is and it branched out to the left causing more of the stinging pain. The stinging pain also went to my face and chest. I had to rest because it was just so painful and it felt sore after it went away, too.

I have enough health problems as it is and my doctor isn't really helping. I wasn't able to even really walk on Saturday when I went out because I kept getting the stinging stabbing pain in my arms, hands and legs, as well as pain from my tumor.

I have been trying to post this on the "Ask a Doctor" forum but it keeps saying they reached the questions they take in per day.

I appreciate any help or information anyone can give me. Thanks.
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