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Pineal gland cyst... Symptomatic or not?

I've suffered from migraines for years now but in February this year I noticed that when I coughed, sneezed, bent over or laughed I got such a bad stabbing pain in the back of my head that it worried me. It was such a different type of pain to the pain I was used to. Then about a week later I started waking up with this pain and it would last all day. The light and sounds never affected it like with the headaches that I was used to and paracetamol didn't touch it at all. I went to the doctors and my usual doctor was away so had to see someone else. He did all sorts of neurological tests which he thought were all normal and that there was nothing to worry about and advised me to take ibuprofen and paracetamol for the pain and to keep a headache diary. A few days later I went back again and he repeated all the tests again and said he still couldn't see anything wrong....give it a few more weeks and if it doesn't improve then come back!! I only managed a few more days and went to see my usual doctor who did the same tests again and she said she'd like to send me for a ct scan. The ct showed nothing at all so I was referred to a neurologist in Birmingham. She looked at my eyes and something was bothering her as she kept doing it so she asked if she could get the head of neurology to take a look. He came in and kept looking in my left eye and saying that he could see why she'd called him in and he agreed that something looked wrong. They both thought I had something called papilloedema?! They then called an ophthalmologist in to take a look and she had a look with a slit lamp and said it was all clear! Strange that both neurologists thought they could see the same though...anyhow, I then had to go for an mri which all looked ok except for a pineal gland cyst of 15.9mm which the consultant noted that it was 'most likely incidental'. So here i am today! Suffering daily with head pain that goes down my neck and taking 600mg ibuprofen every 4 hours and waiting for my next appointments. I've had another mri but this time it was with and without contrast on the 18th of this month and then a neurologist appointment in November and one in December. I'm hoping that when I see the consultant that he'll listen to my concerns about the cyst which I'm pretty certain is causing my problems. It's not just the head pains but all the other problems such as blurred vision, brain fog, memory problems and my vision in my left eye.... I find it hard to explain but my upgaze seems to distort my vision but only in my left eye and when I do it I get a pain deep behind my eye, but that's only been for the last few weeks, does this mean that things are getting worse, I just don't know.
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