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"Please Help Me"
8/2002 - Felt Tear in right side of my Lower Abdomen - No Hernia or Torn Muscle.
11/02 - Sneezed and Knife Like Pain in the left side of my Lower Abdomen - Again Nothing
3/03 - Neurologist and Primary Physician scheduled all tests CScan, Blood, Urine - Again Nothing
11/03 - MRI to Lumbar revealed Stenosis L2 - L5 Epidoral Injections No Help
7/04 - Laminectomy L2 - L5 both sides could not proform theraphy because of Lower Abdomen Pains
7/04 - Continuously complaining to Surgeon about Pain 6-8 weeks after surgery in Lumbar Spine
11/04 - MRI revealed Grapefruit size Scar Tissue affecting Nerves and Thecal Sac.
1/05 - Caudal Injections (3) - No Help with Pain now on (4) 40 mg Oxycotin per day.
2-/05 - 8/05 - Visits to (6) Neuro Surgeons and Myleo Gram and Disco Gram - Would not help me.
8/05 - 8/06 Monthly visits Neurologist Spinal Pain Heavy (4) Oxycotin and (4) Actiq Fentanyl Lozenge
8/05 - 8/06 Abdominal Pains spreading Upper Abdomen (20) places Heavy Pain can not wear belt.
8/06 - 1/07 - Same as Above now with Monthly Injections to Spine Lidocaine.
8/06 - 1/07 - Heavy Abdominal Pains now spreading to Chest below Breast area now (50) pain spots
1/07 - 8/07 - Legs starting to show signs of losing feelings along with all of the above.
8/07 - 10/07 - Legs now at 50%, Pain in Spine, Abdomen/Chest Unbarable, No Fentanyl, Now (4) 50 mg of Demeral combined with (2) 80 mg of Oxycotin Daily and still injections to spine.
10/07 - Present - Horrific Pains in Spine, Legs and Abdomen/Chest, Mini Stroke, Bowel Clogging and "Now" no Medication helping Pain at all. No Sleep and Pains Continuously. I need help as No One can answer what to do, where to go. I will either Die or Lose My Mind due to the Horrific Pains that medication can No Longer Control. Please I Pray someone will read this and HELP ME somehow with Answer and Advise because No One Else Can.
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