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Please I need some advice

Hello I am new to this forum but here is my story and symptoms. i am a 30 year old woman, who has been having some weird symptoms that have been getting worse over time. My symptoms all started in 2004 with memory issues and getting faint and passing out. I had an MRI done and they said it came out negative for any lesions. Two months after that I started to have pain when I moved my eyes, and intense pain in my left leg and weakness in my left arm along with tingling sensations. My neurologist back then mentioned MS, but never got to test me for it because I moved to another state. Over the past years my I have gained new symptoms like slurred/lisping speech, delayed thinking or trouble finding words, horrible short term memory issues, tremors, weakness in my left arm to where I can not left it up high without being in pain. I used to be able to carry grocery bags etc but now I cant even lift them, I am that weak in the arm. I am also having issues with a metallic taste in my mouth, along with a numbing tingling sensation in my fingers, legs, toes. i just got new glasses and am still having blurry vision and a "heavy" head. When I close my eyes I feel like the room is spinning, and I can not walk great because of the weakness in my left leg, and I keep tripping. I am very sensitive to cold. I am also horribly fatigued, like I can sleep for 12 hours and still be tired. I went to my primary doctor and she told me she had no idea what i had. No referral, no testing. My questions is this does anyone know what is going on with me? I have never ever had issues like this growing up and it is starting to worry me. Any and all advice is welcome thank you.
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I have not been tested for Lyme Disease and will def talk with my primary doctor about it this upcoming visit. I thank you for your advice. Today things got worse my left leg had a sharp pain that shot up from my calf to my thigh and then my left leg went numb and felt like dead leg. Now for the past 6 hours I have had trouble walking because it feels so heavy that I am just dragging it as I walk. I have no idea what is going on or what actions I should take. And my chest has had pains in it on and off today. The pains are not like heartburn but feel like sharp jabbing sensations. Did you got through any of this before you got diagnosed?
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Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your aweful symptoms! I was wondering if you have ever been tested for Lyme disease. Lyme disease is extremely overlooked by doctors and it can cause all of the symptoms that you are experiencing. I know from personal experience because I had all kinds of neurological symptoms and the doctors couldn't figure it out for months. I saw tons of doctors and none of them knew what I had. I started taking matters into my own hands and i did a lot of research an it turned out that I had undiagnosed and untreated Lyme disease.  The tests for Lyme disease are very inaccurate, they are only accurate 50% of the time. So just because you test negative for it does not mean that you don't have Lyme!

If you have any questions at all just let me know!
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