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Please help me - NF

I am suspected myself falls by NF due to inherited by mom  inherits from my grandmother as well as from my mother presently, which i believe from the genetic inherit based on what i understands from the research. I am in the extreme difficulty down position and upset regards about my sickness as i have loved one and would like to proceed for the next chapter of life. For the NF sickness, we couples are really worried about will be impacting on our future kids if we plan and decide to have a kids in future, knowing we have 50-50% chances here.

Based on the current symptoms check, i do not have clear symptoms on the NF symptoms according to Dr Ranjit Singh and he's mentioned the only test can be verified is by genetic test. In additional, i have plan to visit SJMC  (Dr. Adam Dematologist) for check up and if possible to have genetic test if have the right equipment and lab test located. But according to Dr. Ranjit national currently do not have the facility. I hope the genetic test can be carry and send oversea for investigation.

Dr Ranjit Singh      
Klinik Pakar Kulit Ranjit
C4, Jalan SS15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603-5631-6090
Fax: 603-5637-1610

I would like to seek further advice and NF medication cure advise from all experts. I sincerely hope you can offer me an help and wish to hear from your feedback. Please let me know is there chances for medication cure for NF based in latest NF research projects in progress at the moment.

Thanks for your time and helps.
God bless you.

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I suggest you discuss the option of Genetic Testing sample to be sent overseas, with your doctor. They might know the nearest centre which does the test.

Depending upon whether your diagnosis turns up to be NF 1 or NF 2, the treatment options are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. First, it is important to get a diagnosis.

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go to jade1911 she has this and knows a lot about it
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I just to say that I have child with NF and I was told that radiation is not good. We get treated at Johns Hokpins and Kenndy Keiger in baltimore has a NF clinic.
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