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Please help!!!

If any doctors or anyone else can give an insight I would be extremely grateful. My son is 18mths old. His history is as follows. He was a very floppy baby ie couldnt hold himself up at all. By 6mths old he couldnt sit in a highchair or pushchair as he always slumped out to the right hand side. When he was 7mths old he had a seizure at home. I brought him to the dr and they sent him to the a&e on account of his age. Everything was clear,ears,chest etc. That night in the hospital he had a major seizure(lasting about 45 mins). Long story short, they said kidney uti and sepsis. He had brain ct, lumbar puncture, and kidney ultra sound. One week in hospital. He head swelled and was later said to be in 75th to 90th centile, it still is the same. Ct said" There is widening of the extra axial CSF spaces, particularly around the frontal and temporal lobes bilaterally. The CSF appears cloudy in these spaces. The lateral and third ventricles are prominent for the childs age" They had said the seizures were febrile(Ive since been told febriles dont last that long and very rarely 2 in one day).Mri done last june, it said "The peri-cerebral are prominent anterior with widening of the sylvian fissures. Some white matter remains of high signal. There is a widening of the sub-arachnoid space". Ultrasound showed a sist on the spleen. Kidney and uti again in august following another full seizure(again lasting about 45mins). Couldnt sit unsupported till 11mnts, combat crawled(dragging right side) at 13mnts. Claps right had only onto left. Saw neourologist in december, he said he was fine! His paed said cp. Still in physio. No words at all at 18mnts, no bye-bye etc. He toe walks even though he has orthotic boots and falls over at the drop of a hat. No balance at all and cannot make a fluid transition through any movements. His right side is dipped low. Can any tell me what these mri and ct scan results mean and what you see by his symptoms? I am so worried at this stage as I cant get any help. Many thanks!!!!!!!!!
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I'm not a dr at all but a nursing student and we just lectured on symptoms of Muscular dystrophy and there are 4 main types.  What your describing early on sounds like what they termed "slip through" which is where the child cant hold their own posture etc and if you pick them up they'll slip right through your hands.  Muscular Dystrophy apparantly affects boys more than girls and can affect the whole body, half or part of the body etc. Has anyone looked at this as a possibility???  Here are some symptoms of it:

Slow motor development or regression
clumby movements
Difficulty walking up stairs
Frequent trips and falls
waddling gait
Absent or depressed deep tendon reflexes (the tapping below his knee test)
Muscular atrophy (the muscle wastes away and is replaced by fat - this is gradual)
They will develope fat calfs and skinny thighs as they grow older (this occurs later)

I dont know if that helps, but good luck and keep knocking on doors!
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