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Porphyria and Low B12 any correlation?

  I have PN of a sensory nature only. My B12 was also low. My Internist is now running a test for Porphyria.  
  Is there any correlation between low B12 and Porphyria?
  I guess they are checking for an ACQUIRED Porphyria? Any idea how one acquires it? or if there is a correlation between sensory pn, low b12 and Porphyria? I can't find any information indicating this?
  Thanks very much.
Dear Dee:
I am unaware of any connection between porphyrias and vitamin B12 (or it's deficiency). Vit B12 does have a porphyrin-like chemical backbone, but that has no clinical relevance I know of.
Vit B12 deficiency causes a sensory neuropathy often along with a spinal cord problem, which commonly manifest as gait imbalance. Porphyria causes an acute predominantly motor neuropathy with severe weakness, but also with a lot of pain and autonomic dysfunction.
The only acquired porphyrias that occur with any frequency are porphyria cutanea tarda (with alcohol, liver diasease), and with lead toxicity.

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