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Possible C6-C7 Disc Protrusion?

Posted By  Mike on April 20, 1999 at 15:02:29
  Topic Area: Neuromuscular
  : Hi,
  : I recently received the results of a CT scan which showed the following:  "There appears to be significant foraminal narrowing at C6- C7 on the right and at C7 and T1 at the left.  This is likely secondary to osteophytes and osteoarthritic changes within the uncovertebral joints, however it would be difficult to exclude a superimposed lateral disc protrusion at C6- C7.  As well, there was an osteophyte extending into the intraforaminal region causing some narrowing and presumable significant stenosis of the nreve root.  There was a beam hardening artifact and this limits the diagnostic quality of the study, but no definite disc protrusion could be identified."
  : I am in my 50's, female and for the past year have been experiencing excruciating neck pain.  Before receiving the results of my CT scan, I had been seeing a chiropractor for the past three months.  About a month after starting chiropractic treatments, I started getting tingling in my right arm and right hand.  If I bend forward from the waist, or tip my head back, I can also set off this tingling effect in my right arm/hand.  I also have a numbing sensation in my left leg which starts just below the knee and radiates downward.
  : I am currently waiting to be booked for an MRI, but there is probably a 3-4 month wait.  
  : My questions are:
  : 1)  Until we identify if this is a disc protrusion or not, what activities can I do?   I currently babysit small children which involves alot of lifting.  As well, I enjoy gardening in the summer.
  : 2)  What is an osteophyte, what symptoms can it cause and how is it treated?
  : 3)  What does the term "beam hardening" mean?
  : 4)  How much damage could my chiropractic treatments have caused if I do infact have a disc protrusion at C6-C7?
  : 5)  Is surgical intervention necessary to treat a disc protrusion at C6-C7?  If so, how successful is the surgery?
  : 6)  Can the tingling in my right arm/hand and numbness in my left leg be related to a disc protrusion or could this be caused from the chiropractic treatments?
  : I know I have alot of questions, but any insight would be much appreciated.
  : Thanks,
  : Lisa
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Hi my name is Mike
What is an osteophyte what symptoms can it cause and how is it treated?
I am not  doctor but all an osteophyte means is a fancy word for bone spur.
I had micro(endoscope) surgery at the University of Pittsburgh by a Dr. Jho
and he removed the herniated part of the disc and shaved the bone spurs down
and they released me the next day, never felt much pain(mowed my lawn a week later)
but it took about 2 to 3 months for it to get to 95% normal.
Posted by Lisa on April 21, 1999 at 12:18:09
Hi Mike,
Thanks for your feedback.  It sounds encouraging that your surgery went so well.  I hope that my problems get resolved as well as your's did.
Posted by Mike on April 21, 1999 at 15:07:39
The University of Pittsburgh Neurosurgery has a web site if you want to check it out (http://www.neuronet.pitt.edu) Center for Minimally Invasive Innovative Microneurosurgery. Dr Jho describes various surgery procedures for different types of problems, all micro surgery(endoscope). I would not have any other type of surgery.

Posted by Katie on April 22, 1999 at 19:31:19
Mike and Lisa or whomever..Thanks for the info.  Having surgery in a couple of weeks with Dr. Jho.Mike let me know about it I would be interested I am haveing the same thing.  Email me at ***@**** or whoever..Thanks appreciate any informatin.

Posted by CCF MD... on April 29, 1999 at 11:37:15
Thanks for the added information. See CCF answer above

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