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Possible Cerebral Vasculitis/Stealth Virus

      Re: Possible Cerebral Vasculitis/Stealth Virus

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Posted by CCF Neuro MD *!* on December 04, 1997 at 21:33:28:

In Reply to: Possible Cerebral Vasculitis/Stealth Virus posted by Jill Schelling on November 14, 1997 at 21:21:33:

: In November of 1995, my husband Dennis(age 42) showed symptoms for depression
  and was orginally treated with Prozac and other various psychological drugs.
  Since that original diagnosis, he has been in and out of hospitals-- being diagnosed
  as having such things as: MS, Lymphoma, Stroke and most recently (May 1996)
  Cerebral Vasculitis.
  After the cerebral vasculitis diagnosis, he has been treated with prednisone,
  cytoxan-- with virtually no success.  His current status is the following: short term
  memory loss, slow and weak speech, significant weight gain, inability to walk
  and incontinence. He has seemed to have hit a dead end.
  I am at a loss, and need any information/advice you could offer.  I would
  definitely consider bringing him to the Cleveland Clinic or would appreciate
  any suggestions for a facility which specializes in cases such as this.
The Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis  at the Cleveland Clinic has
a staff of five neuroimmunologists who in addition to MS which makes
up most of the workload of the neuroimmunology service also see patients
with other immunologically related disorders of the nervous system like
vasculitis, sarcoidosis etc.
To make an appointment to see a neuroimmunologist call the Cleveland
Clinic neurology Appointmants Office and (216) 444 5559 and request
an appointment with a neurologist at the Mellen Center, if you do
decide to come bring all previous records and MRI scans etc with you
to speed up the process.
I wish you luck with the evaluation and hope we will be able to help.
  thanks in advance for your help.

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