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Possible Ulnar Nerve Damage and Tremor

I have a tremor in my left/right wrists, though its mostly my right wrist/picking hand (explained more later). The tremor appears when I'm trying to perform tasks like writing. Also, if I try to move my hand up/down from the wrist the motion is less than smooth and makes my wrists feel like they're really weak.

I first noticed the tremor a year ago. I would play guitar and have this tremor afterwards. I just ignored it at first because it didn't really affect me in any way. Later, though, the problem got much worse. Eventually I was nearly unable to write legibly. Also, during this time the tremor started to move into my fingers. Needless to say, I stopped playing guitar out of frustration.

During my hiatus from guitar I noticed that my tremor was slowly starting to subside. Though it never completely disappeared it was more tolerable. I thought that maybe I was playing guitar with my muscles too tense. So, When I started playing guitar again I cleaned up my technique and practiced playing much more relaxed. This helped things quite a bit. But, I still couldn't practice at full speed without shaking like crazy afterwards.

Recently, I went to the neurologist for this problem were I was tested for hypothyroidism, an electrolyte imbalance, and given an EMG.

The EMG which was mostly performed on my right hand because it was the worst. The results were that my Ulnar Nerve was 'slow'.

I'm curious as to what this could mean. Could damage to my Ulnar Nerve really cause me to shake like I do? I don't feel tingling/pain so I found the results strange. Is it permanent?
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I got tremors several years ago and was prescribed Propranolol 60 mg time released once a day. Tremors are gone. I still get pain from pinched nerves but that’s the result of playing guitar for 55 years. When you get over 60 healthy living, eating, sleeping, exercising are imperative. Especially when you put in many hours playing.
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I'm not sure pinched nerves are caused by guitar playing.  I've also been playing guitar for about that long, but I have no pinched nerves from it.  I am, however, wracked with pain from other things, and if you do have pinched nerves it's likely the posture we assume when we play the guitar, with too much neck bending.  Not sure how one would play the guitar without doing that, though, as you know, we get carried away when we do it and the neck does what it does because that's not what we're focusing on.  I would also say, if you haven't eaten and lived healthfully long before you turn 60 it's likely too late, the bad seeds are well planted.  Teach your children, if you get my drift.  Peace and I hope the pain isn't as bad as mine, I can't play for very long anymore.  Sigh.
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"Also, if I try to move my hand up/down from the wrist the motion is less than smooth and makes my wrists feel like they're really weak."

I have this problem in my ankles, too.
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