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Post Sinus Infection/Pain

  Approx. 2 months ago had a sinus infection with fluid in right maxillary sinus.  Because of persistent facial pain had a CT scan of sinuses and referral to ENT.  His diagnosis was trigminal neuralgia.  General practitioner has put me on Neurontin and has ordered a MRI scan.  My question:  How can a sinus infection trigger a reaction like this and how often does this occur?  Pain extends across right cheek to upper head, and back top molars.  I went to dentist to check out the teeth - no problem there.  Also, after diagnosing the infection, there was no change in my pain syndrome,I was put on prednisone (Medrol Dosepak), and the fluid disappeared.  But, during the midpart of this whole thing, I had constant facial warmness.  Ended up bringing a fan to work which seemed to help the situation.    Thanks.
Sinus infection is not a common preceeding event in trigeminal neuralgia,
I wonder if in fact you do have trigeminal neuralgia in the first place,
you use the trem persistent pain , trigeminal neuralgia is classically a
triggered, intermittent pain.
It comes on in sudden intense flashes which are triggered by touching the
jaw, eating or even a cold breeze.
The fact that a breeze on your face helps makes the prospect of true
trigeminal neuralgia less likely to my mind.
It can be persistent in the sense that it recurrs frequently but each
episode of the pain is very brief.
If this is not the character of the pain then there is a pain
syndrome in the distribution of the trigeminal nerve which is entirely
different from trigeminal neuralgia which suggests direct irritation of the
nerve. The treatment is correspondingly different.
Trigeminal neuralgia could result from a pocket of infection irritating the
nerve or a branch of the nerve but this is an uncommon cause of the syndrome.

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