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Post Ulnar nerve transposition increased pain & symptoms

I am 16 weeks post surgery (Submuscular ulnar nerve transposition) and have been in physical therapy for the past 3 months. I am so frustrated because I don’t feel ANY relief; in fact my symptoms are worse. Still have numbness/ tingling/ shooting pain/ and I feel like I’ve lost strength in my right hand and I feel like I don’t even have a pinkie anymore! How can this be? I cannot seem to find a lot of information regarding post surgery complications or other possible diagnosis for this pain. I am only taking darvocet and that barely cuts through the pain. Is it possible that the nerve is inflamed? Or there is too much scar tissue? I have mild neck pain on my right side could this be related? What could be causing these continued/ worsening symptoms? And what kind of treatment or medication is most effective for ulnar nerve pain?
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look, i had the same surgery for my RT ulnar in 7/14/2009. my nerve was modreate to severe dameged with marked reduction of velocity acroos the elbow, any way submuscular transposition worked well with me, the results are amazing,, i worked as physicaltherpst and maybe that helped me to understand and deal with the problem, but whats really important beside drugs and good nutrtion u have to know what is good for ur nerve to get healthy again. find the most relifing position of ur arm and attemp it, use splents to help u avoid any stress over the nerve. and about ur surgeon.. he should explain clearly what he's done, commonly its not just entrapment at the ulnar tunnel u may have multipple lesion proximal and distal to that site which is the most afected segment but does the surgeon checked for multipple lesions? were ur arm n cast and immoblised post oprative? for how long? when did u start to bend and extend ur elbow??
I had ulnar nerve transposition 5 weeks ago, still continue to have numbness to my right ring finger and pinky, I am also having a lot of muscle stiffness and pain to my upper arm, continue to have the burning pain from my armpits to my elbow on both arms. Had Acdf c5-c6 and brachial plexus decompression last year but I continue to have these symptoms. I am staring my PT next week and hope that I will heal, it is just so frustrating.  They said that nerve damages should heal by itself, its been 2 yrs since I injured my self, still having all these pain.
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My teenage son had much needed ulnar nerve surgery.   It has been good for his previous elbow pain, however, he has had extreme difficulty recovering.  He has numbness and nerve pains down to his fingertip, and daily headaches that don't subside with medication.  He just feels an overall tiredness and sickness all the time.  Hasn't grown or gained weight in over a year.  The surgery was almost a year ago.   Any ideas out there if this could be related to his surgery?   Seems like we've traded one pain for many others.   Help!
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hi i can relate to your teenage son.

i have ulnar nerve damage at both my elbows and they want me to get surgery but i know its neurological, because since i've gotten that i started getting fasiculations, and tremors as well, but i cant seem to find the answer.

im only 19 and was going to play division 1 college basketball this year, but my neurological problems have essentially ruined everything for me.

just send him to a neuro and keep fighting, the answer IS out there.
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I know exactlly where your comeing from, i had the same surgery may 14th 2012 and i am currently in phys therapy.
I still can't straighten my right arm out all the way, I am in pain 24/7 .
my shoulder and neck have started hurting me to the point that i sometimes feel like it takes all i can do to raise my arm.
I fell in jan 2011 on my right elbow and after over a year of seeing company Dr and several cortisone shots i finally got to a ortho Dr ..my problem was made worse because of not getting proper treatment in a timely fashion.
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I just had my second ulnar surgery ( post op day 3)...making this bilateral for me. After years of pain on my left...I was diagnosed with THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME/COMPRESSION. Had TOS surgery in 2002 & had been pain & sympt free on my left side. However...with nerve damage...regeneration of the nerve is 50/50 & can take up to 2 years. I do not have full feeling in left pinky or ring finger as well as 1/4 ofy hand BUT I can use my hand & arm w/no pain. Some mild weakness at times but nothing that isn't expected from nerve damage. Some of us are also genetically more nerve sensitive. If experiencing pain in shoulder, neck, headaches, weakness lifting arm etc... I'd seek information about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I was Dr.Atasoy @ Klinert & Kutz Hand Center in Louisville KY...I live in NY.
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I had bilateral ulnar surgery, first on my right arm in 2011 and then on my left arm in 2012.  I am still suffering.  Elbows very painful and wrists also.  I have also experienced pain in my arms that was not there before the surgery.  
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