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Postpartum neurological symptoms

I have been experiencing strange neurological symptoms since my baby was 5 weeks old (born 20/12/08).  It started with generalised weakness and dizzyness, and I have now started twitching all over and have tingling in both feet.  The weakness and dizzyness seems to have reduced, but I am twitching all night, all over.  I have been so consumed with worry about ALS, MS, so my doctor and neurologist sent me for a MRI which was normal.  My neurologist assures me this is not the way ALS presents and so is sure I definitely dont have that.  I have been diagnosed with aggitative postpartum depression - but this is my 3rd child and didn't suffer with the others - certainly with no physical symptoms such as these.  I had a very heavy epidural this time, which numbed me from head to toe and which, for the next few days, I experienced double vision, weakness in arms and legs (similar to the way I felt 5 weeks after the birth).  Any ideas?  Anyone else experiencing a similar postpartum depression?
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Hi, I know how you feel. I have not been diagnosed with postpartum depression. I am going back to the doctor soon. I had baby # 2 a few months ago, and feel like I have gone crazy. No problems with first one. About 6 weeks postpartum, I went to the doctor for a sore throat (only because of new baby and from having people over at christmas) and had a allergic reaction to the meds. I got glossitis (inflammation of the tongue) . I never go to the doctor, only to have babies. Well now I have burning tongue from the glossitis (but should be gone?), night sweats, dizzyness, crying, weakness, my vision is still not back to 20/20, sometimes I have shaking, anxiety, insomnia. The allergic reaction freaked me out!!! But did not feel like me before it. I did not have a epidual. I have never been like this in my life!! I read that anxiety is a major part of postpartum depression (which i did not know). It is I think all from the crazy hormones. Are bodies get so drained from having babies and then you add in the hormones and no sleep (along with every thing else). I don't know just a thought. When does this stop? do you know?
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Hi, I have the same symptoms (dizziness, night sweats, weakness, anxiety and insomnia). My doctor told me that I have 'post-partum anxiety'. I gave birth in January. She gave me pills to treat anxiety (anxiolytiques, in French). But you can become addicted to those pills after 4-6 weeks. She also told me that 'anti-depressants' (the ones that treat anxiety, not the ones for depression) can also cure this dizziness. Are you also dizzy when you're trying to go to sleep?? This is causing me insomnia... Tonight, I will go see at a natural product store if they have something that could help me... I'll keep you posted. Hang in there! You're not alone in this situation!!
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Hi, glad to hear from someone. Sorry you are having a bad time too. I do not have dizziness when I try to go to sleep. My problem is my burning tongue, I will fall aseep for a couple hours and then wake up. I have a hard time going back to sleep because I am freaking out or crying. I have been drinking camomile tea before bed the last couple nights. I have still been waking up but have gone back to sleep for a couple hours. I had my baby at the end of Nov. and my tongue started burning at the end of Jan. Downhill from there. Do your anti-anxiety meds help? I have not taken anything, but I am starting to think I need to. Have you gone to the natural product store? Thats a good idea! Let me know. Take care!!!!
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Sorry for the delay in my reply ladies... I dont have so much weakness in my body anymore or dizziness.  It was fairly constant until I stopped breastfeeding (I quit that when my son was 12 weeks to take ametriptylene) - it seemed to get a bit better over the next 2 weeks, but is intermittent and comes and goes, I have been to naturopath who has me taking roughly 15 supplements of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium per day - I also take a bowel builder and a herbal tincture for nerves.  I'm still twitching all over (but have just looked at the side effects of my anti-d's and twitching can be one of them, so may be contributing to making them worse).  I'm terribly anxious - but feel that this is mostly due to the physical symptoms i've suffered - not physical symptoms due to anxiety iykwim?  Anyway, my doctor keeps assuring me that it IS a type of postpartum anxiety/depression and that it may take a year or longer to sort itself out.  I've looked on the net and there is some correlation between having had a baby / severe drop in hormones and strange physical / mental changes.  I'm so sorry to hear that you are suffering also - i wouldn't wish this on my anyone.  It has totally consumed my mind and my life.  Some days are better than others - but most of the time i'm just annoyed that i'm plagued with feeling so horrid!  I've had every blood test under the sun - although my hormone levels look a bit low, everything else is fine.  I'm thinking of going to see a gynaecologist and to start taking an oral contraceptive to even my hormone levels out?  How are you both feeling now???  Wishing you all the best and some nights of good sleep - my lovely ability to sleep has totally left me - fortunately the anti-d's i'm taking help a bit now - but I still wake at 3am and feel horrible!  Take care, Nat
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Hi May - sorry didn't answer you fully - sorry to hear about your burning tongue - it took me 8 weeks of terrible sleep and panic attacks to decide to take anti-d's.  I've never taken them before and didn't want to start - initially I started on one of the newer types Citalopram with valium in the day and Zoplicone to sleep at night - but that made the anxiety worse and a host of new symptoms.  The neurologist recommended I take an older tricyclic anti depressant (Ametriptylene) and that has been really good, so that's all I take and at night before I go to bed.  I do think a lot is to be said for the natural supplements too - I definitely started to feel better in terms of dizziness and muscle weakness after taking supplements.  But I really feel the key is somewhere in hormone replacement - evening them out again.  Please keep in touch and let me know how you are feeling - its nice to know there are others around who are in the same boat, so i'm not so alone.  None of my friends have experienced anything like this - and I didn't with my first to pregnancies either.

Take care,
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Hi girls!
I'm so glad we can talk to each other about this. First of all, to answer May's question, I went to the natural product store today and the naturopath there has me taking 'inositol powder' (a B-vitamin-like product which supports brain neural signal transduction... like anti-depressants work, I think. I know that it helps with anxiety and depression). I also take magnesium supplements (250 mg). This is supposed to help keep the muscles and nervous system balanced. I also have a natural sleep aid (Rescue Sleep from Bach Original flower remedies) which I tried this afternoon to recuperate from my insomnia last night and it worked really well. I also take Omega-3 supplements since the beginning of March. I think they help.
I know that May had a traumatic experience with her thong, but you Nat, did anything stressed you a lot before this all started? Me, I had a big hemorrhage 4 weeks into postpartum (bits of placenta were stuck in my uterus... I lost a lot of blood and that REALLY stressed and drained me out...) the dizziness and the anxiety started 3-4 days after that. At the beginning, I was dizzy 24 hours a day. I couldn't get out of bed... I took anxiolytics (0,5 mg) everyday for 6 weeks and it helped a lot with my dizziness and anxiety but that can create an addiction when you take it regularly, so I stopped taking them 10 days ago, but my diziness and anxiety are back, but have lessened. The diziness is less frequent when I'm rested and I don't have too many panic attacks anymore, but I often feel anxious. I see a psychologist once every 3-4 weeks, but I think that it's not enough. I would need to see her every two weeks. She helps me deal with stress. She gives me tools to overcome anxiety (like taking deep and long breaths; practice relaxation, meditation, sports, walking) and more importantly, stay focused on the present moment... Which is not always easy.
The trick is to not apprehend the future. Just think of 'right now'. I'm trying, but I find this is hard to do it 24 hours a day. My symptoms (dizziness, night sweats - happened last night - and sometimes nausea... this is a new one) make it hard to focus on the present moment... when one of these symptoms occur, I'm thinking 'when will this stoooooooop?'
It seems, like you said Nat, that it's all related to hormones getting back to normal. I'm also wondering if taking the pill could help?? And when you have (or had) dizziness, was it for a long time? Like all day long or only minutes? Me, when I'm tired, I can be dizzy (like standing on a boat) all day long... very annoying.
At how many postpartum weeks did your dizziness started to reduce?
Take good care and hope to hear from you soon!!!
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Just looking in and I have a few observations to make, if it will help.  I think all of you are feeling anxious because of postpartum depression, even if you didn't have it with other babies.  In my opinion, both temporary hormone treatment and perhaps the tranquilizer Klonopin or Xanax will make you feel worlds better, just for a couple three months or so.  BUT I noticed each of you also had something significant happen, each of you different, that may be making the whole situation worse.  So, these are what I noticed for each of you:

Nat, you said you had a heavy epidural this time.  Perhaps you had a reaction to that somehow, so I would inquire about what can be done to reverse or treat adverse reactions to the medication they used in that block, as well as any possible problem that arose from the mechanics of the injection.

May, you said you had a sore throat, were allergic to the treatment, and wound up with glossitis.  You should inquire if there is an antedote to what they gave you for the sore throat.  If you don't get that cleared up, you'll never be comfortable unless you're willing to be on pain killers forever.

Djou, you said you had a big hemorrhage with some placenta, and as you know, if they don't get all the placenta out, it can make a woman very sick.  I would pursue all treatments related to placenta remaining in the body after birth, even tho it's out now.  I would also ask a doc to treat you for anemia from all that bleeding.
Hope this helps you all a little.  GG
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Hi girls!
Thanks for all the great information. I read about these vitamins called After Baby Boost. That I was thinking about trying. They have alot of the same stuff you girls mentioned. I also read alot of good stuff about magnesium, that menopausal women was writing. ( crazy hormones) When I went to my Ear, Nose, and Throat Dr. she mentioned that my tongue problem might be stress ( how can I not be STRESSED!) or hormone related. (The first time she said it was nerve damage.) She said maybe I should try to take my birth control pills. To even out my hormones. I took the pills for a month, and still did not even get my period. Also had a doctor say maybe was the breastfeeding. So now I have stopped that, which I did not want to do. But want to be better and happy. Then I read that doing all that makes your hormones go up and down more.( I am screaming now!) But I think your right about the hormones getting back to normal. I did not take the pill long enough to know. Plus it was the mini pill. I don't know if that would make a difference. I have not been so dizzy lately, but I have been sleeping better. I swear the Chamomlie tea is helping. JuIie I think I need to see a psychologist too, but in my town they are booked intill July. (screaming again!) Did the naturopath say how long for the inositil powder to start working? It makes me feel better to hear that meds have helped you both. I am just scared to take anything but want to feel better. Nat how long have you been taking the Ametriptylene? I read that antidepressant's can take 4-6 weeks to make you feel better. I want my life back and I know you girls do too. I have been through some really hard times, but this has really messed with me because of the whole ? mark thing. I have never had anxiety before this. I want to be enjoying my family not worrying all the time. Life is to short to feel like this if I do not have too.
Take Care Girls!!
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Hi there - will try and answer all things, but have three little boys needing some attention, so will try and do this all in 10 mins...

Firstly Greg, thank you for your input, much appreciated - do you know what could rid my system of any of the anesthetic that I received from the epidural - it was so full on I vomited and couldn't walk properly for 2 days, and I had double vision.  Do you know of any particular treatments that could get rid of those toxins from my system?... willing to try anything!

My symptoms started roughly 5 weeks postpartum, but wonder if I was in a bit of a fog before then and didn't register?.  I did have a very heavy epidural and my little boy had a rough time with his heartrate dropping to 50bmp.  I wanted a c-section at that point, but they said no.  So I had to wait another couple of hours before I could actually push him out and hold him.  He was very big 10pound 9ounces and I bled heavily and was very distraught with all the bleeding and clots.  I bled for around 11 weeks after the birth.  

At 12 weeks I was so stressed with horrible symptoms (dizziness / weakness / twitching / hot flashes / insomnia / nausea / diarreaha) that my doctor suggested anti-d's and by the number of nights without sleep I had had, I was just desperate to take something.  I've been on them for 5 wks now and have really noticed that they are making a huge difference.  I think if I wasn't on them i'd be screaming and totally unable to look after my little boys.  I still have bad days / nights, but at least they aren't 24/7 like they were.  It was hard to quit breastfeeding, but in this case I had to think about everyone's wellbeing - and I was a right-off.  

I have been taking the supplements and I do think they help, but the main thing is the anti-d's.  I tried Citalopram initially, but they made anxiety and panic attacks worse.  So the neurologist who diagnosed postpartum anxiety prescribed Ametriptylene and that is definitely the best for my symptoms - although it hasn't gotten rid of the muscle twitching, I do feel much better generally.

The dizziness and muscle weakness started at 5 weeks and resolved a lot when I stopped breastfeeding, which was at 12 weeks.  So i've had almost 5 weeks of neither of those symptoms.  I dont get the hot flashes either - maybe only a couple and very mild.  I do know though, that if I wasn't on anti-d's I wouldn't get any sleep.  I seem to have the most hideous insomnia.

So i'd say i'm about 60% better, but still a long way to go.  I'm going to see a counsellor at the end of the month (still a long way off for me), but very necessary.  My doctor believes this is wholly anxiety related - I dont, I think its a hormonal mess.  Breastfeeding does something to your prolactin levels which can make you feel weird.  Also my period came for one day last week and stopped, started again yesterday, but nothing much more since, so i've just started the pill regardless and hope to get it properly in a month.  If not, i'll be off to see a gynae for a proper check up.  I just cant believe after having two normal births that i've had such a horrid time this time around.

Well ladies, I really hope that you have wonderful days this week.  Remember, split your day into two pieces and digest each piece at a time - it will all get better eventually i'm sure.

Take care and chat soon x
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One more thing - I have a really low white cell count, which i've never had befoere - can you check with your doctors whether you have a low white cell count?  I just would like to know whether there is some correlation between poor immune system and severe drop in estrogen / progesterone causing these problems?  I suspect that it might.  I'm taking something, which i've just received today called Colloidal Silver - which boosts immunity.  A lady who I know had electric shocks in her face for 10 months and took it for a week and was better - her's problem she believed was due to a lowered immune system.  No harm in giving it a try aye?

Take care - Nats x
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Just one more thing Greg - what sort of hormone treatment would you suggest?  I've just started taking the combined oral contraceptive because I heard this worked for another lady with similar (but worse) symptoms to mine.  Is there something else that I could consider?  Thanks again for your input!

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Sorry for the delay in my response. Been busy this week.

Greg: all the remaining placenta was removed at the hospital, right when I've had my hemorrhage. I'm taking iron supplements since my pregnancy. So, everything is under control there.

Girls: I saw my doctor yesterday since I was having very bad insomnia (and a couple panic attacks) since I stopped my anxiolytics 2 weeks ago. She gave me anti-d's (Effexor) to treat my anxiety and nervousness. I started this morning. This is supposed to take approx 3 weeks to gain its full effect. I can't wait! I did not want to take anti-d's but since my energy did not seem to come back (I'm realy energetic normally) and my anxiety was back, I didn't have any choice. I have a baby to take care of here!!!

My dizziness has reduced a little since Monday. That's a good thing. :-)

How are you girls doing???

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The naturopath told me it would take approx 2 weeks for the inositil powder to start working. I'm still taking it (along with th magnesium and the anti-d's). My doc said it could help.
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Are you sleeping better with the anti-d's?
And are you seeing a psychologist in the mean time? It's very recommended.

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Hello Everyone,

Finally, I found a place where I can share what I feel.

My symtoms started when my first and only child was 3 months old. It was like somwthing just keeps happening. I never felt energetic and 'All Well" since child birth. My Left side start to hurt really bad. it got better itself and faded away in a few days. but than this strtange feeling in my left arm and leg started like tingling, slight numbess,  weakness usually on the left side. I got B12 vitamin vaccines. The Doc I went to said it's nothing to worry about. he gave me some pain kilers and told me to rest. it's been 2 weeks now since my doc appointment and still no change. I feel the same weakness in the left side, sometimes in my both legs. leg cramps on and off. Gurgling or gas-like feeling, or maybe I feel my viens lol. I dont understand what this is. worst part is its so hard to explain such symptoms.

I dont know what to do. Please advice.
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Sorry I forgot to add tht I have insomnia. I can hardly sleep for 2 hours at a time even if my son is sleeping.
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Hi there, i'm so sorry to hear that you are experiencing such horrid symptoms - but you're not alone!

All I can say is that you have to believe what your doctors are saying.  My doctor said straight off that I was fine, that it was some sort of postpartum depression (I think they give anything like this that name), but I wanted to have an MRI for my own peach of mind (that was normal but didn't reassure me).  I then demanded to go to one of the best neurologists in my country and had to wait 3 weeks.  He checked me over thoroughly and said this was an unusual form of postpartum anxiety and depression.  

My only thoughts are that the huge drop in hormones after having a baby, combined with lowered immunity can do some awful things to you.  I've read so much on the internet from other Mums - some dating back to 1990 where they have had terrible symptoms, numbness, pins and needles, muscle twitching (like gurgling in the veins), pain - you name it, they've had it.  And somehow it has resolved in the most part, one way or another but sometimes 3 or more years later.    

I have just started taking the pill again, but my symptoms are no better at this stage, but am hoping that with supplements and some hormone replacement I will see some improvement.  The neuro did say to me that it may take a couple of years - as it often does in his experience with women experiencing these types of symptoms.  It is very scary and doesn't help with your feeling of depression (who wouldn't feel depressed with such awful symptoms, coupled with the need to mother a new baby!).  But just keep in touch and it will get better eventually.  If you feel you need to for your own peace of mind, ask your doc if he can refer you to a neurologist so you can discuss your symptoms and his thoughts on it.  

Well, take care and look after yourself.  I'm taking anti-depressants which have helped about 90% with my anxiety over these yucky symptoms.

Keep in touch,
Nats x
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Oh, one more thing Spirit - the insomnia is just all part of everything that's going haywire.  I found taking an anti-depressant (I had been going for weeks with no sleep) helped with most of that, I now sleep a good 6 hours and then can drop back for another hour or so.  Much better than being awake ALL night!  It was a hard decision to make, because I had to stop breastfeeding, but I had to look at the bigger picture - I have 3 little boys and no sleep meant no Mummy during the day.  Things have definitely improved since i've been taking them.  At least I can function through the day - even with my odd symptoms!

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Hi Julie,

Yay that your dizziness has reduced!!!  I'm sure that that is all part of anxiety and too many panic attacks and hyperventillation bound to make you dizzy!  So small steps and great that you're feeling better in relation to that!

That sounds like a good idea to get onto the anti-d's.  I was the same as you - had never taken them in my life, wanted to breastfeed and was scared of them really.  But was beside myself with no sleep and the horrible anxiety attacks - all day, all night.

The anti-d's (Amitriptylene) that i'm on took a couple of weeks to work, then just better and better every day.  I think one month until they are really in your system.  But at least now I can operate and am getting some reasonable sleep at night.  I still wake, but at least I can most of the time drop back fairly quickly.  Also they aren't so strong that I dont wake up if I hear the boys.  So that's good.

I'm booked in to see a psychologist and doctor on Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to it because they are in a department called Maternal Mental Health and may be able to provide a bit of help for me around the home, given i've got 3 boys under 4.  That would be fantastic.  Plus my husband goes away tomorrow for 3 weeks - so will be interesting to see how it all goes while he's away.  Fortunately, my Mum's not too far away and will come and stay as much as she can.

Well take care and keep in touch.  Good on you for getting into some natural stuff.  I dont think we can solely rely on doctors to provide all the answers/remedies.  I def think that the natural stuff i'm taking has helped.  I've been on Colloidal Silver for 4 days now and hoping that that will help with my symptoms.  Lots of people swear by it for raising immunity.

Take care and keep in touch,
Nat x

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Thanks Nat_nz. I am always depressed. I don't like things that I use to like. I am trying different things now. I hope it works out. I 'll pray for you. I hope your sypmtoms go away quickly.

I would love to stay in touch but since you don't have your profile or something I dont know how I can get back to you in weeks.

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Hi Traci,

I will try and put my email address in my profile, but not sure if I can do that.  They delete all the emails from this board I can see.

I'll write it out in full - my email address is nattygirl_nz (at sign) yahoo (dot sign) co (dot sign) nz. (if you know what I mean).

Email anytime.  Take care and thanks for your prayers - i'll pray for you too.
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Hi Nat!
Thank you soooo much for reassuring me about the anti-d's. Like you, I was very scared to start taking them, but I had no choice because of my insomnia (I sleep approx 3-4 hours a night with a sleeping pill, and I can't sleep during the day when my baby is sleeping). Never happened to me in my entire life. I normally sleep 8-9 hours a night!! (before baby, of course!)

So like me, you couldn't get any sleep before the anti-d's??
Anyway, let me tell you that I can't wait for them to start working. I started 3 days ago. So hopefully, in about 10 days, I should start feeling them working (please!!!)

I'm glad you can get some help from the hospital and also that your mom lives nearby. Mine lives a 5-hour drive from here... She came to give me a hand for a few weeks when this all started. I was so dizzy, tired and weak.

I'm also seeing a psychologist since February (3 times since then... not a lot) but I'm not sure she's realy helping me. I have an appointment with another one this Wednesday. I hope she will be better.

Me, I don't really feel 'depressed'. I'm just very tired and just hoping for my anti-d's to work so that my anxiety reduce. You?

Keep me posted on the colloidal silver!
And good luck while your husband is away.

Keep in touch!
I check this forum about every day.

Take care :-)

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Hey there Julie,

Yes prior to all this starting I was such a good sleeper - always a solid 8 hours a night (when my 2 other little boys didn't wake me of course).  Then when all the symptoms started I developed terrible insomnia, some nights I just couldn't drop off at all.  So the doc initially gave me sleeping pills, but I would wake the minute they wore off, usually after 2 - 3 hours.

I was very scared to start taking anti-d's.  I've always managed to get through anxiety and anything on my own and things usually come right with me.  But after a week of no sleep and the sleeping pills not really working, I agreed to try something.  Sometimes I believe it can take trying a few before you find the one that is really right for you.

I was first put on Citalopram which is a newer anti-d, and which didn't really help.  After 10 days I felt worse.  I still had to take the sleeping pills at night and sometimes valium during the day to help with the horrid anxiety.

When I went to the neurologist (who said that most of the people he sees are actually "depressed" rather than having anything physicially wrong with them) he said with anxiety some of the older tricyclic antidepressants work better.  So he changed me to amitriptylene and I take that at night, right before bed and I sleep pretty well - well 6 hours usually and then I can drop back to sleep again for another hour or so.  So I dont have to take sleeping pills as well.  They seem to do the whole trick.  They actually leave you feeling very relaxed in the day, perhaps sometimes a wee bit sleepy, but at least i'm not panic stricken and not functioning!  

They took about a week to start working and then by 2 weeks I was feeling a whole lot better, i've been on them for about 6 weeks now and really feel that most of my symptoms have subsided, except for the twitching, but that's gotten better too.  It certainly doesn't bother me in the day anymore.

My Mum spoke to a friend of hers who had a similar thing happen after the birth of her 2nd son (no probs with the first, same as me, no probs after my first 2 babies).  She said that she was a nervous wreck, dropping things, insomnia, terrible anxiety and strange symptoms, so weak she could hardly do anything.  She said it was a year before she started to feel more like her old self.  So i'm not expecting any miracles in the immediate future, i'll just look after myself, eat well, avoid too much sugar, caffine and keep taking the anti-d's and supplements.  

One thing the neuro said about anti-d's and depression is that the three problems with them are (1) not being diagnosed with depression / anxiety at an early stage; (2) being prescribed the wrong one; and (3) most importantly, coming off them too soon.  So I wont rush anything, will give it a good year until the symptoms are well and truly gone and then talk to my doc.

Yeah I dont know if my appointment with the phychologist tomorrow is going to help me.  I'm really not depressed (although I feel depressed about this having happened to me this time).  But will go and see what's said.  I'm definitely feeling better and much much less anxious - so that's a step in the right direction.  

Anyways, I better get back to it.  Let me know how your keeping.  Its nice to keep in touch and know you're not the only person dealing with this horrible thing aye.

Take care,
Nat x
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Hi Nat!
So, how did it go with the psychologist? Did it help?
Me, I'm seeing a new one tomorrow since the one I saw 3 times so far doesn't seem to help. I can't wait to meet her. I feel very anxious today. :-(

I don't sleep much. I took a sleeping pill in the middle of the night but like you, after 3 hours, I woke up... Very tired and anxious in the morning. I'm still having panick attacks during the day, and sometimes at night, when I look at the alarm clock.

I think you had a lot of those panic attacks too (??). Very annoying. Do you still have any? I've read that anti-d's help a lot with that. (Can't wait to find out!!!)

It will be a week in 2 days that I'm taking anti-d's. After a week, I need to double the dose I'm taking right now. My doc wanted me to start with a lower dose so I don't feel the side effects too much. I can't wait for them to work. No difference at the moment.

Did you have anything to change to get better sleep, or is it just that the anti-d's help you relax? I'm wondering what to do to help myself get some sleep!

And as for my symptoms, I only have anxiety and insomnia right now.

My mom is coming back tonight for a few days to help me with the baby when I will be too tired. She is so sweet. :-)

Hope you're having a good week. :-)

Write soon!
julie xx
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