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Premature Cerebral Atrophy

Hello! I am scared to death of a recent CT report I received. I visited the ER for a fever over 100 lasting multiple days and several fainting spells. The PA in the ER did the CT to rule out a brain bleed. The CT report came back as follows:
Clinical Data: Near-syncope while showering. Fever.


Technique: Contiguous axial images were obtained from the base of
the skull through the vertex without contrast

Comparison: None.

Findings: The brain has and unremarkable appearance without
evidence for hemorrhage, acute infarction, hydrocephalus, or mass
lesion. There is no extra axial fluid collection. The skull and
paranasal sinuses are normal. Slight prominence of the CSF spaces
could represent premature atrophy. Correlate clinically.

IMPRESSION: No acute intracranial findings. Question mild
premature atrophy.

I have an appointment with a neurologist in three weeks, but in the meantime, I am so scared that I have some form of early dementia. I have absolutely no neuro symptoms, and only a nearly 20 year history of depression, and some anorexia over ten years ago. Any advice is welcome and greatly appreciated! By the way, the PA in ER didn't even tell me about the possible atrophy. I discovered it myself while reviewing my ER labs online.
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I would guess that this is related to the anorexia (which is known to cause mild brain atrophy which is I believe not always 100% reversible) rather than new premature atrophy, but it is hard to know. It sounds like they were uncertain about whether there was atrophy or not, so you may simply be at one end of the range of normal.
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Thank you for your comment. I also wondered if it was related to the anorexia, an over zealous radiologist, or as you suggest, just one end of normal. Thanks again!
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Others care to weigh in? Would love to hear from a doctor, particularly a neurologist.
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