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Pulsating over body, eye problems, dizziness and muscle weakness

Okay. First of all hello to everyone. I've been dealing with a lot of different problems  and has seen over 10 different doctors with no help at all.  I've had many blood test, mri, ct and other stuff all came normal. To start with; I can feel my veins are pulsating in my hand, my stomach and my neck. Ican even see some of them. Like the vein on my left thumb, another vein on my right wrist and both my carotid arteries are pulsating pretty visible too. Sometimes it's hard to sleep for me cause I can feel veins in my head if I lay on my back. I'm pretty surprised by that cause I haven't die yet. One of the strangest feeling I've had for sure.

To continue with I've developed eye floaters, visual trailing double view and some other stuff that I don't even know all their names.  My eye nerves have become pretty visible lately yoo. I've seen eye doctors they said all seems normal.

I offen feel dizzy and my muscles ache n feel weak too. I can hear my blood flow with my ears.

I can't even believe one could develop so many symptoms. It was scary at first but now it's just absurd. All started and developed over 5 months. At first month of these I haven't had any symptoms but just a headache that didn't go away for a month.

I'd appreciate any ideas to help me find what could be causing all these out what should I do to find out what's going on. Thank you everyone
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Thorough blood work. Also see a Neurologist, Vascular doctor. Also invest in a high blood pressure machine. Drugstores Walmart etc have them. Also if you are on meds check out their side effects. You will be surprised that meds can cause weird symptoms and at worst cancer or liver disorders.
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Hey-- first time replying, but your post spoke to me (haha). Have you had your blood pressure checked? A lot of what you're mentioning could be secondary to high blood pressure and/or an arrhythmia
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I've experienced all of these symptoms & more. I'm 65 and it's taken me many years & many Dr.'s to finally get a dual diagnosis from two different Neurologists that specialize in different areas. The first one diagnosed my Fibromyalgia, which has MANY facets to it, including eye problems & muscle weakness, etc. The second Neurologists specialized in brain function and diagnosed my Essential Tremor a.k.a. Benign Parkinson's, which accounts for balance problems & migraine headaches. I hope this helps you. It's worth a trip to a Neurologist to even just rule these things out. Good luck to you on getting a diagnosis.
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Any depression or anxiety problems?  Anything traumatic happen to you when this started?  
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Not really a trauma but that headache which lasted about a month gave me a huge health anxiety.
I don't know what caused the headache.  It might have been so many things, including covid or a migraine condition.  But feeling your veins pulsate seems to me at least to be extremely unlikely and if it was happening a doctor would feel it so that sounds very much like something that could be, but I have no idea if it is, associated with mental problems of some sort that is causing an extreme oversensitization to normal bodily processes.  Again, I have no idea, but if your docs aren't finding anything, and something like that would be pretty obvious if it were happening, I'm just bringing up the possibility.  On the other hand, you had a headache for a month, and that's a long time to have one so there could be pressure from something you're feeling and this is how it feels to you.  Whenever you have something you believe is wrong physiologically and your doc isn't finding it, find better docs, but if all that is eliminated then you do have to consider the mental side of it.
doctors said it's most likely tension headache as they couldn't find anything with blood tests and mri.

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