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Punch Biopsy Test for Small Fiber Neuropathy

  Dear Doctors:
      I have heard that there is a new "punch biopsy test" for small fiber neuropathy.  Is this just "esperimental" or is it done at major centers (e.g., do you do it at CCF?).  What, of anything, would be the advantage of getting such a test?
       Thank you for your outstanding forum; it has been a godsend to our family.
Dear Courtney,
yes it is a brand new test, well, really we know about it for a while but very few people were doing it then. In the latest issue of Archives of Neurology, an article appeared this time also included some control (normal people) for comparison study. It looks promising. We here at the clinic are just beginning to explore this and currently is submitting an application to perform this procedure. I expect that we will start doing this in a couple of months. If you live near Cleveland and would like to be evaluated here,
please don't hesitate to contatct us, 1-800-CCF-CARE.
thanks for the question and I hope that helps.

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