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Pupils not dilating my blinking

My sister as dementia and her pupils don’t dilate when she blinks. Is that to do with lack of brain function?
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She refuses to go for a test when the doctor as asked. She doesn’t know her birth date what year it is she very good at getting angry when asked a question she doesn’t know after the doctor as asked her! I insisted he did her best interest and went over her decision, he sent her for blood test that I took her for 2 weeks ago that was a nightmare the nurse was insisting she went in on her own but she didn’t realise our situation! I had to get her to sit down etc anyway we got sent folic acid to the chemist for her and that’s made a difference to her saying more words and she’s not as restless now. We’re getting a appointment through to take her to be assets and the doctor as warned the staff how aggressive she can get verbally when she goes. I will be going with her because her husband can not get her to do anything he says. Being her sister we have a special bond and she trusts me. She doesn’t even know how to wash now I have to bath her and change her clothes that she sleeps in she won’t get changed for bed now. Thankyou for replying. I only asked because when I talk to her I always look directly at her and wondered if pupils should dilate when we blink. I’m just searching and searching for answers and hopefully when she gets assessed I can get the real safe answers off them . I don’t know what’s Altima’s or what’s dementia if I’m being honest this is all new to me. She is 69 and been going like this for 4 years now and she as never accepted that there is a problem right from the beginning
Thankyou Jackie
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That's really interesting. Honestly, whether eyes dilate when you blink is something I'm not sure about.  I've never noticed eye dilation upon blinking in anyone.  When we were worried about a head injury with my child, they recommended shining really briefly a flashlight in the eyes to see if the pupils dilated.  It is true that impairment of the brain can result in lack of dilation of the pupil.  But not sure that just blinking would be an indicator.  I know that enlarged pupils that don't get smaller with light is being looked at for Alzheimer's.  Her dementia may affect her pupils, yes.  Has she been diagnosed with dementia?  Is she being evaluated for Alzheimer's? How old is she? https://www.nia.nih.gov/news/two-views-alzheimers-biomarkers-eyeing-changes-vision-or-pupils
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