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RInging Ears, Joint Pain, Headaches

      Re: RInging Ears, Joint Pain, Headaches

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Posted by ccf neuro M.D.* on March 14, 1998 at 23:29:04:

In Reply to: RInging Ears, Joint Pain, Headaches posted by JP on March 05, 1998 at 23:42:51:
  Thank you for advising. I realize your time is valuable and appreciate the service you are providing here.
  I am a chronic headache sufferer (vascular, muscle contraction combination).
  The last 18 days my joints have ached terrible. My ankle pain is the most obvious as when I stand it is very painful. My neck next, hipbones, knees, and finger pain. If I sit for 10 miinutes or so I am stiff and it is hard to move around. I took relafin and it seemed to relieve the ache some but I can still feel a dull ache....
  What is going on? Do you think the joint pain is related to the headaches? This joint aching came along the same time as a snow storm...which at first I thought was related because my knee always aches when it rains, snows...but not my whole body!  My ears have been "ringing" on and off too.
  Thank you very much....
  PS I'd like to make an appointment for your clinic..is it possible to send my info first o be sure there are ways to help me as I live in PA and I've been turned away and been patted on the back and told "Good Luck"....
  Thanks again...I reall appreciate your service..
Hello JP!
Let me first apologize for our delay in replying to your question, which was inadvertently missed in our recent attempts to get caught up on our question answering. Chronic tension and vascular headaches can be a very challenging problem to treat, but can usually be controlled. Some general important things I always ask my headache patients about, especially those with chronic, worsening headaches with normal CT or MRI scans are: first, do you snore at night or ever hold your breath in the middle of the night, and/or are you always tired when you wake up and during the day. If so, the headaches may be the first symptom of a problem known as obstructive sleep apnea. This condition, which results from the blockage of the nose and throat at night due to exaggerated limpness of the throat muscles is an often difficult to diagnose disease that affects people typically for many years before anyone ever picks up on it. It is important to diagnose, however, and to treat it since amongst its complications are high blood pressure, asthma, heart attacks in the middle of the night, strokes, and suuden nighttime death (so-called "dying in your sleep" 2) Do you use over the counter or other pain relievers. If so, believe it or not, your body can become addicted to these in the sense that it gets so used to having the drug around that it literally resets you pain sensitivity thermostats, and as soon as you stop using the drug, you develo so-called analgesic rebound headaches. If you then treat these with more pain relievers, a vicious cycle ensues 3) Does your use of caffeinated drinks vary from day to day? If so, caffiene withdrawal headaches which are often vascular in nature can occur, and 4) do you have any other medical conditions like arthritis, thyroid problems etc. Many of these conditions have headache as a symptom of some underlying more general disease process--- it is more important to diagnose and treat any such disease obviously, rather than to just cover up the symptom of headaches and allowing the disease to worsen or go undiagnosed.
There are quite a number of medications used to prevent chronic tension headache. If you would like to visit the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion, I would suggest visiting our headache center in the department of neurology. The number for an appointment is 1-800-223-2273 extension 45559; Dr. Kunkel, Solomon, or Gretter are all excellent experienced headache specialists who could certainly review your case. I doubt, however, that you will be able to get anyone to spend the time to review your medical records without actually seeing you, as doing so would legally constitute delivery of care, which would require that you be examined. Remember that the information we provide on the forum is intended for general medical informational purposes only and that the actual diagnosis and treatment of your specific medical condition should be strictly in conjunction with your treating physicians. We hope you find the information helpful.

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