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Random Dizzy spells

I have been having  random dizzy spells  more and more in the past year. I can still move aorund when I get dizzy, but  its still annoying because its random. The second part is every now and again I start to see stars and my vision starts to get cloudy, the vision thing has only happened twice in the past 6months, but its happened both times while im driving. Along with this Ive noticed, and my wife has also noticed, that my memory I guess you call it short term memory has been really bad. Im to the point where I cant remember names of people, what I said yesterday etc.....

I'm 34 years old and 6'3 weigh 240 pounds. I thought I was in generally good health until all this started. Any opinions would be appreciated.
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The dizziness and the stars could be symptoms of a low blood pressure. You need to check that. I would also suggest you get a blood sugar check done. Episodes of hypoglycemia may also lead to such symptoms.

There are still a few other possibilities. But it will be premature to discuss them at this point. You may get a Neurologist's opinion.

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I too experience dizzy spells - not random, but constantly.  I had a really hard time finding anyone who could explain what the problem is - went a whole year without any treatment at all.  I did have a test done by the Ear Specialist to rule out ear problems.  That was negative.  The Ear specialist said it was Neurological and the Neurologist says its an ear problem.  

Some things I find help - make sure you are not getting overtired.  Drink lots of fluid - when I drink less water, I find the spells are aggrevated.  I am now on a medication (Beta Histamine?) that seems to be reducing the symptoms - so I do believe its part of the whole Ear/Sinus as I am stuffed up alot.  Starting on using a saline solution to keep the sinus' cleaned out - hope that helps too.

I also have choking problems (waking up from a dead sleep because I can't breath as I am choking) and my speach therapist suggested using 2 pillows - this also worked and it seems to have helped the dizzy spells too.    

I am just adding my thoughts as when I first started on the road to finding out whats wrong with me (2+ years and still trying), I think any input is better then nothing.  I have the problems with memory, no reflexes in left foot and weakness in hands.  Try to keep yourself well by getting lots of excercise as possible, drinking lots of fluid, rest as needed - keep away from alcohol and keep your mind in shape by reading as much as possible.  My speach therapist (specializes with stroke victims) said that the patients that recover from strokes easiest are those that read alot (Librarians, teachers etc).  I believe him and find that my memory problems seem to be reduced when I take the time to excercise my brain.

Hope this helps.

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