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Re: Brain Aneurysms in Infants
Posted By Susan on April 08, 1997 at 08:38:09:

In Reply to: Brain Aneurysms in Infants posted by L. Edwards on April 08, 1997 at 08:34:37:

: Brain aneurysms in infants
This Message was posted by: L. Edwards -  4/1/97 9:04:05 PM
I have a 19 year old son that had a brain aneurysm rupture at age 5weeks. I am interested in the prognosis of other infants or
young children that have survived an aneurysm through surgery. Any history or information you could share would be
appreciated.Thank you. Sincerely, L. Edwards


This Message was posted by: Susan -  4/2/97 7:53:13 AM
Regarding your message about aneurysms in young children: our 11 year old daughter suffered a ruptured AVM
(arteriovenous malformation) in her brain. This is very similar to an aneurysm. She was born with a knot of veins and arteries
which were malformed and at the age of 11 decided to burst. We had no idea she had this anomaly since she had no
symptoms other than mild headaches which we thought were inherited from her father who suffers with migraines.
The rupture occured in the middle of the night, we found her in the morning in a semi-conscious state. The bleed caused her
brain to shift and caused a stroke in the right frontal lobe. After two surgeries and months of rehab she is back to normal,
making great grades in school...no obvious signs of problem, til a few weeks ago when she suffered a seizure (this was two
years after her AVM surgery). We've been told this could be due to scarring. We also have a lengthy response to a message
we posted a couple of weeks ago in this forum. We are most appreciative for this forum and the information we have garnered
from it.
I am wondering if your son's situation was classified as an AVM. We are anxious, also, to find out anything we can about this
condition. When a situation like ours and yours exists with a child, it is hard to get over it and, even though years go by, the
hunger for information never ends.
Good luck!

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