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Re: Brain Lesion

Posted By ccf neuro M.D.* on November 08, 1997 at 00:59:38:

In Reply to: Brain Lesion posted by Lian Thomas on October 17, 1997 at 22:51:26:

For several years now I have been experiencing strange symptoms which seem to last from 3-10 weeks (usually about 6 wks) and then some disappear and others remain.  These have included tingling in my fingertips (all fingers, both hands), balance problems, heaviness in my right leg, fatigue, and  tiredness in the use of my arms.  There have also been occasional pain in my limbs, muscle spasms, problems with concentration and memory, and headaches.
I have had a number of tests done which have ruled out brain tumor and apparently ruled out multiple sclerosis.  My most recent MRI shows a tiny lesion in the "right corona radiata."  Could this lesion be responsible for my headaches?  From what I can tell, that is EXACTLY the spot where my headaches come from.  Can migraines cause these types of symptoms?  Can a TIA leave such a lesion?  What does the area of the right coronoa radiata control?  
Hello Lian!,
TIAs (ransient ischemic attacks) are spells of sudden onset that are just like strokes except that they last less than 24 hours (typically 5 minutes), thus they cannot possibly be the cause of your symptoms. A tiny lesion in the right corona radiata could not produce any symptoms. The corona radiata is a vast area of the brain just beneath the entire surface of the brain. It does not control anything in particular, but if you wipe out a large portion of it underneath an important area of the brain, as in a stroke, you could get symptoms. You can find little dots or spots in almost any normal person's brain if you look for them, especially if you are 50 or older. Migraines could not cause most of the symptoms you describe. The brain itself contains no pain fibers, so a lesion in the brain (especially a small one) cannot be blamed for headaches. Many if not all of your symptoms are compatable with what are known as somatic (bodily/physical) symptoms of stress or anxiety. Many people undergo huge unnecessary medical workups for such complaints, and often stumble upon irrelevant minor abnormalities, such as a small spot in the right corona radiata. If you do enough tests and see enough doctors, you'll always be able to find something "abnormal". The key is finding something abnormal that is a medically plausible explanation for your symptoms. There is no known neurological disorder to the best of my knowledge that could explain those that you describe.
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