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Re: Could this be connected to autism?

Posted By Marie on July 29, 1998 at 10:47:17:

In Reply to: Could this be connected to autism? posted by Gayle on June 19, 1998 at 23:58:47:

I have a son with aspergers disorder.  He is 6.  His sister is 4 1/2 and I have some concerns about her that are puzzling.  She does not alternate feet when going up and down stairs, she doesn't peddle a bike, she doesn't socialize with kids outside of immediate family (she is hostile if they approach her), she picks at everything like it has lint on it, she prefers soft foods, she won't play like other kids..she is fearful of heights and movement.  She wouldn't go outside for weeks when it was windy.  She panicked saying the wind would blow her away.  Her speech is odd.  It seems out of context..inappropriate use of words or pronouns.  (Is it dark out, the sky will break?)...(Because that's how the way it goes?)...(Tomorrow  I not goina get married when I'm dead first).
Her 2 year old brother speaks and moves better than she does.  Oddly, she draws very well..good details and very exact.  She has been getting PT for over a year (one on one gymnastics...) She has problems w/"motor planning" and praxis according to PT.  I have seen some success.  At 4 1/2 she can now hop twice on one foot and at times hold her balance on one foot for 2-3 seconds.  She just recently caught a ball!
I don't know what direction to go.  I had her evaluated by Child Find and they referred her to special ed a few days a week.  She presented as nervous, shy.. talking almost inaudibly,  and didn't pass tests (ex. point to dog...she pointed to every picture)  After a few months she was dismissed from the program because "she seemed fine"...they interpreted her language as "being silly".
Any thoughts?
Does this sound like a connection to autism?
I would second the suggestions made by others, that you pursue additional
testing / diagnosis for your daughter.  I firmly believe there is a
genetic component to autism - I have a 4yo with HFA / Aspergers / PDD,
my nephew has a seizure disorder with a strong autistic component, and
tho I'm not clinically considered autistic, I see many autistic-like
tendencies in myself.  And there appears to be a greater incidence of
autism, autistic-like disorders, and other neuro problems (e.g. ADHD) in
families with one autistic child.
Don't allow yourself to be pushed away with the blanket statement that
your daughter's speech is "silly", trust your instincts.  Especially given
your older son's situation - I believe the family history is very significant.
You may need to pursue independent testing outside the school district.  
No hints on how to do so, sorry - my son is (fortunately?) well within
the criteria established by the local school system for inclusion in
their special ed, so I haven't had to go 'outside' for a diagnosis.

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