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Re: Denervation

Posted By CCF neuro MD MM on November 26, 1998 at 21:09:22:

In Reply to: Denervation posted by George on November 26, 1998 at 20:07:04:

1. In relation to ALS being progressive,  if EMG shows denerving of a muscle, how soon would symptoms develop in that muscle, ie weakness, fasiculations, atrophy etc.obviously we are not talking exact times, but are we talking, fairly quickly, or can the denerving be there for months/years prior to any symptoms.
2. If an EMG picks up muscle denervation, does this mean that the muscle is denerving or has denerved?
In relation to ALS do symptoms develop during denerving or after denerving of a muscle. Ie Do fasiculations occur as muscle is denerving or after the muscle has denerved.
3. Can one increase muscle size to muscles that are apparently showing signs of denervation. Eg weight lifting. running etc.
Thank you.

The first question is difficilt to answer but denervation is probably
happening for several months before the symptoms become obvious.
Denervation occurrs piece by piece within a muscle, not as one proces involving
the entire muscle sinultaneously.
The EMG picks up the fact that some muscle cells are already denervated.
fasiculation occurrs in a group of muscle cells after they have been
One can maximise the potential of a muscle group by training the fibers which
have not been denervated, this would probably manifest by a slower rate of
devevelopment of weakness than would otherwise have been the case, but it
will not halt or reverse the development of weakness.

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