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Re: Facial Nerve Schwannoma

Posted By AB on February 11, 1998 at 10:38:59:

In Reply to: Re: Facial Nerve Schwannoma posted by Al on February 10, 1998 at 18:07:07:

: To AB:
I was also recently diagnosed with facial nerve neuroma (Schwannoma).  My symptoms started with facial ticks around the right eye, cheek and lip.  MRI's disclosed a small tumor in my inner ear canal which was pressing on the facial nerve.  My biggest problem right now is that my right eye does not blink automatically.  The lid won't close thereforer drying out the eye and impairing my vision.  I place eye drops in my eye 6 times a day to keep it moist.  I am going for another MRI in April to determine any possible growth.  Treated by Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.  Prognosis at this point is to leave it alone until there is severe facial weakness.  My Dr is recommending surgery when I reach that point but can't tell me how long it will be.  Apparently a very slow grower.  I have discussed the gamma knife and radio-tactic (sp?) surgery, both not too invasive.  Just some info I thought you would like to know.

:: To Al
I assumed you have a right facial nerve neuroma (Schwannoma).  Does this neuroma affect your entire face?  And if I can ask, how big is your tumor now?  And how often or how severe did you experienced facial ticks until you notice your right eye problem?  We are very interested to know of your experiences concerning the neuroma.  We are very young couple and would like to plan ahead for our future.  
Thank you in advance.

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