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Re: Having spinal fusion
Posted By Rick Hall on August 27, 1998 at 13:34:52:

In Reply to: Re: Having spinal fusion posted by CCF NSG MD /gsh on August 26, 1998 at 09:53:53:

I just wanted to update my info on here and say that I saw my orthopedic surgeon.
He agreed that the ruptured disc fragments from L4/L5 and L5/S1 have to go.
He also totally agreed that I must have a fusion as this will be operation
#3 on that area.  I am relieved yet scared that this is going to be done.
The operation is set for Sept. 16th.  I am having an interbody spinal fusion.
Does anyone have any words of wisdom or thoughts?  I will be wearing a specially made
trunk brace for at least 3 months.  X-rays once a month to keep track of
how well the fusion is going.  I will be allowed to do basically nothing the
first 4 weeks post-op then activities as tolerating but still very limited until
I reach the 3 month mark.  After three months and if the fusion is working then I
will begin intensive PT to build my strength back up.  I have faith in my
surgeon and the assisting surgeon is my regular doctor.  Just wanted to see
if anyone here at had insight or stories about their own fusions?

: _

: Dear Charleen,
The planned fusion procedure sounds appropriate and the surgeons have
educated you well in what to expect after surgery.  We would likely do
a similar surgery, given the information you have provided.  Just remember
to take it easy after surgery.
Good luck.
I wish you all the best Charleen.  I posted my spinal fusion story here on this forum on 7-27-98.  My story was about a fusion that was done in 1975.  My fusion was not a sucess.  I have read on other medical sites that +10% of the time fusions are not a sucess, and can even make the problem worse.  I note that my story has been removed from the forum an archived. Use the seach funtion Author- "Rick Hall" to find my story in the archive.  I am cannot find the doctor's reply to my post.  Nor can I find the reply I made to him.    I am wondering why my post was removed and archived so soon?  I am wondering why I cannot find the Doctor's reply.  I will not nay say all fusion operations as the proceedures are much better than they used to be.  Be advise that the medical community is very reluctant to discuss the failure rate of this type of operation.  Take all the facts you have and if you feel you have no choice then do as your heart tells you to.  Feel free to contact me by e-mail.  Be aware that I mean no malice to anyone.  I am simply a person with a failed fusion of over two decades ago and I may have insights worth hearing....after all there are not that many of us failed fusion patients around to ask questions of.  Should any doctor take offense,at this post, I deeply regret any person distress this post may cause you....I am well aware that y'all have feelings too.  I of course wish hear all reasonable input on this very serious subject.  Fusion operations even today cannot be a walk in the park and should not be entered into lightly. With respect, Rick Hall

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