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Re: IGG, IGA, IGM Test results and meaning?

Posted By CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS on December 04, 1998 at 11:31:00:

In Reply to: IGG, IGA, IGM Test results and meaning? posted by Karla on December 03, 1998 at 22:35:45:

Hi, I hope you can answer this as my doctor wouldn't.
IGG700-1450 MG/Dl result 849
IGA/70-370 MG/DL 202
IGM 30-210 MG/DL 257* high
What is the IGM and what does a high asterick of 257 signify
The IGM test I had done showed 30/210 MG/DL and my results were a high* 257, can you interpret that test. What is IGM and what does a High 257 indicate thanks.
Also I had low but normal B 12 on a B 12 screen and after being given one B12 injection they ran the following tests: can you tell me what this means
Methylmalonic Acid L. 63   NMOLES/L 73-271
2Methylcitric Acid    95     NMOLES 60-228
Homocysteine         7.9   NMoles 5.1 - 13.9
Cysthahionine        154   Nmoles/L 44-342
Based on this test if I had a B12 shot a week prior to this test and this shows a 63 does that mean I could have a borderline or deficiency?
My doctors did a ton of lab work and said everything was fine- but I noticed these two tests and wondered if you could please give me your interpretation.  I'd sincerely appreciate it.
Dear Karla:
The test you had performed measured the levels of different classes of antibodies.  Antibodies are made by the body in response to foreign (usually) proteins, bacteria, viruses etc.  The IGM fraction is the initial response to a foreign body.  Within several days or weeks, the next antibody that is produced is the IGG fraction.  These tend to hang around alot longer and we usually think of these are representing a prior exposure (to what ever induced the production of the antibody).  The IGA fraction is another type of antibody that is made in certain parts of the body dealing with secretion, such as the GI tract or breast milk.  There are certain levels of these antibodies that are considered normal, meaning that within a population of people this is the "average" level.  Now, remember that not all people are "normal" and some perfectly healthy people will have levels of any certain antibody fraction outside this range and still be normal.  So, not knowing what the antibody test was for (although I can
guess), a value of 257 is probably not that high out of the range of normal to be really worried about.  There is always a concern of slight errors in any assay.  About your other question, there are certain pathways involved in the metabolism of homocysteine that are represented in this assay.  I would say that the B12 shot is doing what it is suppose to do and your homocysteine level is within normal limits.  There is some feeling that a low methyl malonate in the context of all other test being within the normal range doesn't mean bad things.  Most of us usually would not get the other levels, but that is a personal choice of your physician, and frankly a good choice in my opinion.  I hope that this helps you.
CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS
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