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Re: Meningioma (s) and symtoms

Posted By CCF Neurology W6 MD on January 05, 1999 at 21:30:46:

In Reply to: Meningioma (s) and symtoms posted by Barb on January 05, 1999 at 12:55:36:

First  of all , thank you for providing this service.
I was diagnosed with two brain tumors in Oct '97 . Surgery was scheduled for one tumor by the Pit gland. MRI was positive two times for this. After a 3 mo wait, at my request, this tumor left.  MRI could not find it.  The other tumor remained unchanged. on L side of my  head. No edema.. The Pit tumor was not hormone producing though 5 years previous milk came in and was tested and found to be prolactin(?).  I was 6 years post Hysterectomy with one ovary remaining. (borders were not defined on this tumor and it was unclear to what it was) the remaining tumor is Meningioma according to MRI .
At the time, treatment for tension headaches was about two tmes per year.
My main question is can meningioma cause finger tip /toe/foot numbness, eye pain (one sided) photosesitivity, earache,headache(over around eye temple) . I was told by one nuerologist this numbness was probaly not tumor related, another says yes, it  could be. I also have pretty bad low back pain, and elbow pain on L side recently. Seems I hit it often turning corners? Some "dullness" or "deadness" is present in lower legs. I am on HRT after ooperectomy(?)  in June'97.
MRI was to rule out MS. Headache and numbness took me to doctor. Some edema of feet and hands also was present..no cuase was found for this. A bit of drunken like moments when turning around also occur.Recently I  Seem to lose balance ever so slightly when heels are backed up against something like a step.
I am 36 yrs old.  127 lbs. 5' 2'  history of cysts on ovaries and fibroids on uterus.
I am wondering if this is same thing only on the brain?
We relocated in middle of diagnoses/treatment due to company tranfers.My 5th MRI was done with contrast yesterday to see where we are with this tumor before new Nuerologist sees me on the 20thof Jan.
I have had good health as far as I can tell, though , several major surgeries in  my life, I do not feel un healthy and am active and happy.

Hi Barb,
thank you for the question,
Can you tell me where in the brain the meningioma is. Theoretically speaking, yes a meningioma can cause numbness in the feet or hands, or face if it is located in the strategic site. More often than not, it does not cause any problem. Many times it is an incidental finding when head imaging is done for other reason. If it grows to a large size or if it is located in a strategic location it can cause symptoms (which vary, again depending on the location). It is thought to be hormone sensitive, it is more common in females. Regarding the pituitary adenoma, it is not unheard of that a tumor shrinks in size to undetectable. Other symptoms you described above are probably not related to the tumor.
Good luck to you. I hope the information helps.

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