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Re: Peripheral neuropathy

Posted By CCF MD mdf on June 01, 1998 at 17:04:58:

In Reply to: Peripheral neuropathy posted by Jean on June 01, 1998 at 14:14:11:

At the Uni of Michigan Hospital I was diagnosed with CMT. That was 20 years ago and everything progressed as predicted until the nerve damage progresed into the upper leg per the sciatic nerve and settled in ;the lower back. Will this effect the central nerve  system?  I have AFO's that have kept me able to walk with a cane.  UM has been doing trials with the growth factor called IGF-1 for diabetics which is not out yet.  Have you been doing any studies that would help....electric stimulation, nerve growth or transplants.
I have a computer friend that is getting HIG treatments.  We do not think we have the same cause for the neuropathy.
If you feel that a visit at your health facilitiy would be for my best interest,  I would be very happy to schedulle an appointment...Jean
One wouldn't expect CMT to extend to central nervous system - it is limited to neuropathy. However, a radiculopathy of the lumbosacral spinal roots could develop with wear and tear of the spine. That condition is quite common, CMT or not, and it is possible to have both by coincidence. So if you are suspicious that some sypmtoms don't match what you'd expect for CMT, have it looked into.
No clinical trials here underway for CMT. There is some basic research, but nothing that would test new treatments.
The immunoglobulin would be used for immune-related disease, such as CIDP (another type of neuropathy). The pathogenesis of CMT is not the same, and as you suspect, the rationale for HIg would be weak.
I hope this helps. As you know, this information is provided for your general medical education. Specific comments regarding your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options must come from your physician after appropriate evaluation. CCF MD mdf.

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