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Re: Possible C6-C7 Disc Protrusion?

Subject: Re: Possible C6-C7 Disc Protrusion?

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I recently received the results of a CT scan which showed the following:  "There appears to be significant foraminal narrowing at C6- C7 on the right and at C7 and T1 at the left.  This is likely secondary to osteophytes and osteoarthritic changes within the uncovertebral joints, however it would be difficult to exclude a superimposed lateral disc protrusion at C6- C7.  As well, there was an osteophyte extending into the intraforaminal region causing some narrowing and presumable significant stenosis of the nreve root.  There was a beam hardening artifact and this limits the diagnostic quality of the study, but no definite disc protrusion could be identified."
I am in my 50's, female and for the past year have been experiencing excruciating neck pain.  Before receiving the results of my CT scan, I had been seeing a chiropractor for the past three months.  About a month after starting chiropractic treatments, I started getting tingling in my right arm and right hand.  If I bend forward from the waist, or tip my head back, I can also set off this tingling effect in my right arm/hand.  I also have a numbing sensation in my left leg which starts just below the knee and radiates downward.
I am currently waiting to be booked for an MRI, but there is probably a 3-4 month wait.  
My questions are:
1)  Until we identify if this is a disc protrusion or not, what activities can I do?   I currently babysit small children which involves alot of lifting.  As well, I enjoy gardening in the summer.
2)  What is an osteophyte, what symptoms can it cause and how is it treated?
3)  What does the term "beam hardening" mean?
4)  How much damage could my chiropractic treatments have caused if I do infact have a disc protrusion at C6-C7?
5)  Is surgical intervention necessary to treat a disc protrusion at C6-C7?  If so, how successful is the surgery?
6)  Can the tingling in my right arm/hand and numbness in my left leg be related to a disc protrusion or could this be caused from the chiropractic treatments?
I know I have alot of questions, but any insight would be much appreciated.

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