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Re: Profuse Sweating on one side only

Posted By KMV on August 24, 1998 at 18:05:04:

In Reply to: Profuse Sweating on one side only posted by Linda on August 20, 1998 at 17:23:45:

I have been seeing my Dr. because in the past two years I have started sweating, on only my left side, and I turn red on only the left side, it looks like I have been divided right down the center on my face, the left turns red and I sweat profusly, the right side stays normal and I do not sweat at all, My Dr. ran blood work and found I have hypothyroidism, so put me on synthroid, and refered me to a Dr. who is a  Plumary/Critical care/sleep disorder/Hyperbaric Medicine. I have seen him and he said that it is probably due to  Autonomic Ganglion renopathy (neuopathy)(I cant read his writing.) and it is not serious, to just stop doing what ever makes me hot,( I live in SO.Texas) need I say more?) any way, He said it is only agavating and that is all. It really bothers me, I am completely fatigued when I get hot, and the redness and sweating will last up to 45 minutes when I can get back into air conditioning, I try to stay in side, but I cant live inside the rest of my life, Is the DR. correct? should I just learn to live with the redness, it is so obivious that people comment about it, It is embarrassing! Please advise me.
My brother has a similar problem.  When he was 4 he had thoracic surgery.
After that, whenever he played hard, half of his face would turn red and
sweat, and the other half would remain dry and normal-colored, with an
abrupt change right in the middle of his face (like an imaginary line
drawn down the middle).  Also, I think that when this happened, one pupil
would dilate more than the other.  The doctor's explanation was that a
nerve had been damaged during the surgery.  I do not know which nerve it
was, but it seems to me that it would have to have been an autonomic
(sympathetic) nerve on the side of the body that remained dry when one
would expect sweating, with the other side of the body trying to make up
for the loss of temperature regulation on the dry side by sweating more.  
I would think that if inadvertent surgical damage to a nerve can cause
this, then other types of damage to the nerve can cause the same symptoms.
Sorry, I don't know of anything to do about it.  How long it lasts would
probably depend on what type of damage was done to the nerve and whether
it is able to heal on its own.

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